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Few are those who remain insensitive to therich and magical imagination of château: rooms in enfilade, parquet floors and marquetry freshly waxed, marble, stucco and gilded wood, rich fabrics, glittering chandeliers and crystals sketch the framework of sumptuous balls, unforgettable feasts and dinners by candlelight under the benevolent gaze of personalities who have inhabited and shaped the venues.

Historical, intimate or sumptuous, the castles we select at Loc'Hall tell you stories and history and transport you into an atmosphere like no other!

State rooms, richly decorated dining rooms, small hushed lounges, sumptuous galleries and orangeries, dreamlike or country-style, vaulted rooms or cellars for mystery and even a royal chapel, our castles lend themselves to all dreams and fantasies to create an unforgettable experience through history, eras, art and architecture

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Château de Bouges or a bit of Versailles in the heart of Berry

Privatization of the Château of Bouges for cocktails
Château de Bouges - 36110 Bouges-le-Château

Amazing replica of the Petit Trianon of Versailles, the Château de Bouges, illustrates all the elegance of the 18th century. Its furnished rooms, which can be discovered in the grand salon, the games room or the dining room, reveal a remarkable collection of furniture and objets d'art and make it a wonderfully "inhabited" place.

Chenonceau or the château of women of power

chenonceau ready for christmas
Château of Chenonceau - 37150 Chenonceaux

The château of Chenonceau is easily identifiable by its superb double gallery bridge that spans the Cher. The most elegant of the Loire castles does not owe its nickname of " château des Dames" to chance. Its history has been marked by a succession of women, led by Diane de Poitiers, who have all contributed to its beautification and protection.

Château de Bussy Rabutin or the domain of an iconoclast

bussys rabutin ready for christmas
Château de Bussy Rabutin - 21150 Bussy-le-Grand

Exiled by Louis XIV to his family's château , Bussy-Rabutin, a soldier, courtier and man of letters with an impertinent pen, has reconstructed here the world of the court that banished him through unusual painted settings: illustrated mottos and commented portraits present a lively and mocking view of the Sun King's court.

Château of Ferney Voltaire or the inn of the Europe of the Enlightenment

Château of Ferney Voltaire - 01210 Ferney-Voltaire

Voltaire spent the last 20 years of his life in Ferney, in the country of Gex, not far from Geneva. From this house, which he had entirely rebuilt, Voltaire continued his fight against intolerance and wrote some 6000 letters, the Philosophical Dictionary, tragedies... Calling himself "the Innkeeper of Europe", he received here all the enlightened and literate spirits of Europe at the time. To receive at château de Voltaire is to come and meet the lively and generous, provocative and tolerant spirit of the committed philosopher, incarnation of the French spirit.

Chambord or the genius of architecture pushed to its limits

chambord ready for christmas
Château of Chambord - 41250 Chambord

The greatest architectural project ever undertaken by François I is more of a dream than a reality. Château built in the middle of a forest, Chambord is an enigma unto itself. The most beautiful legacy of the architect king houses a rich collection of paintings, furniture and tapestries that testify to the life of a travelling court during the Renaissance.

Château de la Motte Tilly or the elegant resort

Château de la Motte Tilly - 10400 La Motte-Tilly

Located in the department of Aube, about twenty kilometers from Provins, this château of brick and sandstone, surrounded by a park of 60 hectares was built on the request of the abbot Joseph Terray, future controller general of finances of Louis XV, as a summer resort, a place of vacation and rest. Today, château de la Motte Tilly is a remarkable evocation of the art of living and the atmosphere of the 18th century, both by its decoration, its collections of precious objects and furniture stamped by the greatest masters of the time, and by its magnificent gardens "à la française" and "à l'anglaise.

Château de Maisons or the refinement of the Grand Siècle

Château de Maisons - 78600 Maisons-Laffitte

Between Paris and Versailles and considered one of the most beautiful residences of its time, the Château de Maisons is an architectural masterpiece of the 17th century and constitutes a turning point in the history of French architecture. It opens the period of classicism and inspires later achievements such as the château of Vaux-le-Vicomte or the château of Versailles. Conceived then as a place of rest, relaxation and celebration, the richly decorated reception rooms of Château welcomed many illustrious guests, kings or princes, emperors or marshals but also writers and thinkers.

Malmaison or the kingdom of Josephine

Privatization of château Malmaison for banquets
Château de Malmaison - 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

Built in the seventeenth century, the château of Malmaison was acquired in 1799 by Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte who had it completely refurbished. Between 1800 and 1802, the residence became one of the venues of government of France but also a place of parties and receptions. Today, the château of Malmaison is one of the rare examples of the Consular style preserved in France and fascinates by the authenticity that it has kept and the memory of the empress who made it her refuge.

The Château of Pierrefonds or the château reinvented

Château of Pierrefonds - 60350 Pierrefonds

Built at the end of the XIVth century by the duke Louis d'Orléans, at the edge of the forest of Compiègne, the château of Pierrefonds is dismantled in the XVIIth and is in the state of ruins when Napoleon III decides to entrust the reconstruction to the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc who puts into practice his architectural conceptions to make of it an idealchâteau such as it would have existed in the Middle Age. Pierefonds becomes a majestic château with ramparts, loopholes, a sentry walk with machicolation, a keep, towers, mysterious gargoyles, as well as walkways, porticoes and galleries. Inside, the rooms alternate between Gothic, Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles.

Chantilly or the domain of the Princes

chantilly ready for christmas
Château of Chantilly - 60500 Chantilly

It is the emblematic residence of the Grand Condé, known for having led the Fronde against his young cousin Louis XIV. The return to grace of the Prince marks the beginning of a place of pomp and power where Molière, Racine and La Fontaine set the tone. Later, in the 19th century, lhe Duke of Aumale was to restore Chantilly to its pre-Revolutionary glory. A great lover of art, it is to him that the Condé Museum owes its rich collection.

Château of Rambouillet, royal, imperial and presidential residence

rambouillet ready for christmas
Château de Rambouillet - 78120 Rambouillet

Built in the heart of a forest full of game, the château of Rambouillet has attracted the greatest characters of French history. From the Middle Ages until today, princes, kings, emperors and presidents of the republic have made it their residence of pleasure. It was a private residence where life was good, far from the strict etiquette of official palaces. It houses rich interior decorations created by its illustrious successive owners, including delicate 18th century rocaille woodwork.

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