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Gif home page:

  • Photo by Ludovic Charlet on Unsplash
  • Photo Musée d'Art Moderne: Exterior Night - Louise Allavoine
  • Photo Château de la Motte Tilly - CMN

Museum of the National Gendarmerie:

  • SIRPA_BRC-FGarcia

Center des Monuments Nationaux

  • Château of Pierrefonds: Stéphanie Laroche CMN

Rodin Museum

  • Credit C.Avarre
  • Credit F.Gaboriau
  • Credit JAULIN SA, Elo agency
  • Credit L.Alavoine
  • Credit Serge Decoster
  • Credit Sofiacome

Museum of Confluences

  • Cristal@Copyright_ImagEmoi-ThomasAupet
  • GalerieEmileGuimet@Caroline Capelle Tourn
  • GrandAudito_Copyright-ThomasAupet
  • TerrasseRhône@copyright_GPerret

National Archaeology Museum

  • L.Louyot
  • Credit MAN
  • In front of museum door 2016 (c) MAN - Valorie Gì
  • West facade(c) MAN - Aurélie Vervueren

Paris Museums

  • Catacombs 002 BD ©Ambroise Tézenas
  • Catacombs_siteweb_HD_sept2018_PierreAntoine
  • Cernuschi - Auditorium (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Cernuschi - Hall of Honor (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Cernuschi Stairs (c) B. Fougeirol
  • Cernuschi_Salle du grand Bouddha (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Cognacq-Jay_Grand-comble-c-Paris-Musées-Fabrice-Gaboriau
  • Cognacq Jay_jardin (c) COARC Moser JM
  • Cognacq-Jay_2018_Salons-à-boiseries-c-Pierre-Antoine
  • Cognac-Jay-Cour-c-Pierre-Antoine-
  • Cognac-Jay - Court (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Cognac-Jay_Grand comble (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Cognacq Jay_Grand comble (c) Paris Musées-Fabrice Gaboriau
  • Cognacq Jay_jardin (c) COARC Moser JM
  • CRYPTE_ interior 2 (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Galliera Peristyle (c) C.FOUIN
  • Galliera Nocturne exterior view 2 (c) Benjamin Soligny
  • Galliera 2 (c) Didier Messina
  • Balzac-Garden-Pierre-Antoine
  • House of Balzac ©Raphaël Chipault
  • Victor Hugo House (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Maison Victor Hugo - Apartments 2nd floor (2) Pierre Antoine
  • Victor Hugo Place des Vosges _ (c) BFougeirol
  • Musée-Bourdelle-Jardin-c-Raphaël-Chipault
  • Musée-Bourdelle-Hall-des-plâtres-2-c-Raphaël-Chipault-
  • Museum-Bourdelle-Exterior-c-Raphael-Chipault-
  • Musée-Bourdelle-Atelier-c-Raphaël-Chipault-
  • Museum of Modern Art: Outside at Night - Louise Allavoine
  • Museum of Modern Art - Reception Hall (c) Louise Allavoine (2)
  • Museum of Modern Art - Dufy Room (c) Ferrante Ferranti
  • Museum of Modern Art - Matisse Room - (c) Louise Allavoine
  • Museum of Modern Art exterior (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Museum of Modern Art Room 1 - Louise Allavoine
  • Museum of Modern Art Room 2 bis - Louise Allavoine
  • Libé Well of Light 2 ©Paris Musées_Pierre Antoine
  • Libé exterior view (c) Jean-Baptiste Gurliat
  • Liberation_Salle A.Sasse (c) Pierre Antoine - Paris Musées
  • Museum of Romantic Life (Front view) (c) Benoit Fourgerol.j
  • Musée de la Vie Romantique - Atelier-Salon © Pierre Antoine
  • Musée de la Vie Romantique - Trait Tendance Dinner - January 2020.
  • Museum of Romantic Life - Garden (c) Museum of Romantic Life
  • Museum of Romantic Life - Garden © Pierre Antoine
  • Zadkine Museum (c) Benoit Fougeirol
  • Petit Palais - South Pavilion (c) Traiteur Lustyk
  • Petit Palais - Café-restaurant (c) S.D'Halloy
  • Petit Palais Auditorium conference room (c) Petit Palais
  • Petit Palais Cocktail Gallery South (c) Petit Palais
  • Petit Palais Main Hall South Gallery (c) Benoit Fougeirol
  • Petit Palais Peristyle garden 2 (c) Pierre Antoine
  • Petit Palais Exterior view (c) Benoit Fougeirol

Domaine de Madame Elisabeth

  • Sympa Club
  • Nicolas DUPREY
  • Laura Allard

Private Mansion We are _

  • @widenprod

House of Arts of Plessis Robinson

  • @ville du plessis robinson

Museum of Jewish Art and History

  • cecilegabriel
  • Giovanni Ricci-Novara

Ducal Palace, Theatre of Nevers and Frédéric Blandin Museum

  • @city of nevers

Hall of the Aldermen and its chapel

  • @city of villefranche sur saone

Former City Hall of Sceaux

  • @city of sceaux

City of Architecture and Heritage

  • ©RA

Château of Fontainebleau

  • Jerôme Schwab
  • Sophie Lloyd
  • château of fontainebleau

Museum of Ende Arts of Lyon

  • Corentin-Mossière
  • Gilles-Alonso
  • MBA Lyon

City of Economy

  • Citéco
  • Heloise Blier.
  • Charlotte Donker

Great Hall Oberthur

  • Willy Berré
  •  Fred Pieau

Monnaie de Paris

  • Geoffrey Hubbel
  • Monnaie de Paris Olivier Berhaut
  • Monnaie de Paris Laure Barucq
  • Monnaie de Paris Pascale Le Mée
  • Monnaie de Paris Jean Lubtchansky
  • Monnaie de Paris Younh-Ah KIM
  • Monnaie de Paris Sébastien Gracco de Lay

Equestrian Academy of Versailles

  • © A. Poupeney
  • P. Daul
  • F.Berthelot
  • Gilles Targat



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