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Loc'Hall Events: personalized support to organize your turnkey B2B event

Would you like to be guided in the realization of your event? Loc'Hall Events provides you with customized support for the organization of your BtoB event. We will coordinate your efforts from A to Z to bring your vision to life.

The Right Venue for Your Corporate Event

We find the PERFECT venue to make your event stand out and shine. Private mansions in the city, châteaux in the countryside, emblematic museums... Set the mood with our collection of one-of-a-kind heritage and cultural venues.

Customized and Tailor-Made Support

Caterers, hosts and hostesses, florists, sound and light engineers, musicians—Loc'Hall Events takes care of everything! A single point of contact will assist you from start to finish in organizing your event, giving you complete peace of mind.

Tips and Expertise for an Unforgettable Experience

Bespoke entertainment, secret tours, top culinary and staging specialists… Loc'Hall Events will provide an elite team to make the most of your venue and create a corporate event that will wow your guests.

A true CSR approach

A la carte support to enhance your CSR approach. All the logistics are thought to reduce your carbon footprint and make your event part of the local economy, from the content of your plate to the activities of cohesion. Organize an event that is both sober and grandiose!

We at Loc'Hall know that corporate gatherings are essential to B2B communication. Business cocktails, conferences, and corporate seminars are among the cornerstones of your brand image.  

But creating a corporate event that genuinely reflects who you are can be time-consuming. Endding and visiting the venue, choosing the right service providers, managing logistics… When planning a B2B event, the to-do list can quickly get out of hand.  

Loc'Hall presents Loc’Hall Events—providing peace of mind while planning your corporate events.

Discover our customized support service for your turnkey B2B events. At your side at each step of your project, we offer a wide range of services, from catering to entertainment to logistical coordination, for a trouble-free event.

"Which caterer should I choose?"

"How can I find the perfect entertainment? One that will trigger the right emotions?" 

"Where must I start to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible?"

Choose Loc'Hall Events to Organize Your Corporate Event

A tailor-made service adapted to your needs

Each BtoB event organized by the Loc'Hall Events team has a specific objective: to enhance your brand image, to unite your teams, to convert your prospects... Thanks to our expertise and our qualified service providers, we can provide you with tailor-made support designed for your needs. 

Venue, caterer, original entertainment... If you are planning an event organized for you from A to Z, our team will adapt to all your desires to design the reception that suits you.

A network of trusted service providers

Caterers, hosts and hostesses, florists, sound and light engineers, musicians...... Loc'Hall Events offers you the best service providers for your BtoB event. Each of them meets a demanding quality charter, to guarantee you the best services.

Speed and efficiency at your service so you can enjoy a stress-free corporate event 

Endd the venue that will appeal to your guests, find the best service providers to help you organize your BtoB event, etc. With Loc'Hall Events, let us guide you step by step in the creation of your event. You will reduce the number of steps you need to take and save precious time in the implementation of your project.

A la carte support for your CSR event

CSR is becoming an essential parameter for the organization of a BtoB event, and so much the better. Loc'Hall Events offers exclusive solutions to enhance the well-being of your teams and reduce your carbon footprint. We have selected for you venues heritage sites in a privileged environment, open to the economic, gastronomic and cultural life of our beautiful regions. The ideal setting for team building activities close to nature and rejuvenating, organized by the best local service providers.

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From the choice of venue to the complete organization of your event, the team at Loc'Hall Events team offers you personalized, tailor-made support.
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