Loc’Hall: The Only Online Platform Exclusively Dedicated to the Promotion of Heritage and Cultural Venues

Are you a heritage or cultural venue? You may not know it, but you have a great asset in your hands.

More than ever, companies seek unique locations to organize their corporate events. And yet, many are still unaware they can book cultural and heritage sites. These venues are an excellent opportunity for corporate events, given their history, architecture, and the unique experience they provide their guests.

Since 2020, Loc'Hall has been helping to highlight heritage and cultural sites open for corporate events. Neither a traditional event planning agency nor solely a venue search engine, we offer our partner venues customized support to help them stand out among corporate event organizers. By working with Loc'Hall, you will increase your venue's visibility among qualified B2B targets and save time managing requests. 

What is the procedure for referencing my location?

To put it simply, Loc'Hall is the meeting of two address books. Our venues partners and the BtoB target.

Our mission: to provide you with qualified leads that you will convert!


You contact us to reference your place on the Loc'Hall website.


We will review together the assets and event possibilities of your venue.


We give you visibility on our website and social networks.


We provide you with support tools: webinars, monitoring dashboard, resources.


We put you in touch with companies who are looking for a venue just like yours for their event.


Does the equation work? It's up to you to get your client to sign up!

Why List Your Venue with Loc'Hall?

Boost the Visibility and Awareness of Your Venue With the Help of Our Customized Support

By becoming a Loc'Hall partner, your venue will benefit from privileged visibility—thanks to a dedicated communication strategy—and stand out to the 4,000 B2B users that consult our collection of venues every month.

Listed venues will be featured in multiple social media posts and blog articles, with increased visibility thanks to natural referencing.

What's more, partner venues are promoted in our "Inspiration Notebooks" newsletter, as well as through press releases and trade shows.

Join Loc'Hall and find a B2B communication partner that does the heavy lifting.

Privatization of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs for a corporate event

Save Time by Connecting With Qualified B2B Customers

Need help sifting through requests for B2B events? Loc'Hall provides personalized support to help you select the events that best match your criteria and expectations.

When a potential client inquires about your venue, Loc'Hall will first screen their request before asking you if you agree to be put in touch. By knowing what the potential client wants, you can have an offer ready when you choose to contact them. 

This process saves you valuable time and ensures that you receive qualified requests for your venue from verified contacts.

Benefit From Transparent Pricing

With Loc'Hall, there are no bad surprises. We do not charge any commission when you rent out your venue.

As soon as you subscribe to one of our annual plans, your venue will be listed on our platform and highlighted to our client list.

If one of these clients falls for your venue and wishes to organize a corporate event on your premises, we will put you in touch without charging a commission.

"After meeting the Loc'Hall team, we were won over by the quality of their website and the high value-added offer they specifically provide for heritage and cultural venues."

Our Values


Each partner venue is assigned a dedicated point of contact with whom they build a trusting relationship. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to understand your operating mode and constraints and provide you with the right solution.


At Loc'Hall, we put quality before quantity. Our platform is exclusively dedicated to heritage and cultural venues, all of which have passed our rigorous selection process. We can thus guarantee personalized support and increased visibility to each of our members.


Adding a personal touch is at the heart of our DNA. Every service we offer and every one of our communications is tailored to meet your exact needs.

Benefits Reserved for Our Partner Venues

L'Esprit des Lieux: An exclusive club for our partner venues

By joining Loc'Hall, you will be invited to join l'Esprit des Lieux, a club reserved for managers of heritage and cultural venues, meeting space to get to know like-minded professionals. It's also an excellent opportunity to discuss topics specific of this field and shared by all players.

Loc’Hall Business Club: Showcase your venue to B2B event organizers like it's never been seen before

Thanks to Loc'Hall Business Club—a closed forum exclusively available to B2B event organizers—event planning becomes an experience in itself!

Loc'Hall Business Club offers B2B event organizers privileged access to immersive experiences at our premium partner venues. Offer event organizers a privileged tour of your venue to allow them to soak up the atmosphere and go behind the scenes! 

As a premium venue partner, you will increase your visibility among highly qualified prospects and optimize your sales opportunities.

Loc'Hall Business Club is also a showcase for your temporary exhibitions, thanks to our dedicated calendar. Let art create a splash and attract organizers with this timeline of the finest collections—ones that are sure to impress their guests.

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Do you want to promote your privatization activity and be put in touch only with qualified B2B customers? The Loc'Hall team is at your disposal. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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