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Strength, grandeur, durability.

Experience a historic event at château anywhere in France

Rely on prestige to enhance your brand image. Choose a château for your next business event.

Treat your guests to life at château

Get rid of preconceived ideas for an inventive event at château

Enhance your brand image and dazzle your guests with a château

Castles from the Loc'Hall collection for your BtoB event

Château grandiose

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You'll appreciate the royal decor, with its high towers and dungeon. The many work and reception rooms provide a prestigious setting for your next CODIR, plenary session or the feast your guests are eagerly awaiting. The several-hectare park is a fabulous playground. Your next favorite!

The Loc'Hall advantage for your BtoB event at château

Loc'Hall is the first platform specializing in venues heritage and cultural events for professionals.

Surround yourself with our trusted partners. Easily connect with local heritage professionals and service providers to organize your BtoB event


a historic monument

Abbey, estate or palace, take your pick. All invite you into elegant, refined surroundings. Privatize vaulted rooms, former stables or banqueting halls for your work meetings or business dinners. A remarkable garden? You've got an excellent card to play.

A masterpiece!

Think big for your BtoB event at château

An inspiring château that breaks the routine for your business meetings, CODIR, workshops, brainstorming sessions...

A château that tells a unique story, full of emotion, for your social events and teambuilding activities.

A château of fabulous proportions, a jewel of French history for your prestigious receptions, galas, fashion shows, cocktail parties, etc.

In Paris and throughout France

Our châteaux for your business events

On estimate

Maison de la Mutualité

24 Rue Saint-Victor, 75005, Paris
On estimate

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

478 Le Château, 41150, Chaumont-sur-Loire
On estimate

Réfectoire des Cordeliers

15 Rue de l'École de Médecine, 75006, Paris
On estimate

Le Grand Réfectoire et l’Officine

3 Cr Saint-Henri, 69002, Lyon
On estimate

Distillerie Moon Harbour

492 Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300, Bordeaux
On estimate

Château Lafitte

Chemin du Loup, 33370, Yvrac
On estimate

Musée national Picasso-Paris

5 Rue de Thorigny Paris, 75003, Paris
On estimate

Domaine du Château des Pères

Rue de Boistrudan, 35150, Piré-Chancé

Privatize château for your business event

Privatize château for a timeless yet modern experience.

Treat your guests to life at château

Treat your guests to the best of French savoir-vivre. The châteaux selected by Loc'Hall are perfectly equipped to host your event. They invite you to experience life in the 21st century at château . Some offer top-of-the-range accommodation for your residential seminars.

Privatization of the Chateau de Chantilly for a corporate dinner

Privatize château to break with routine and surprise your guests.

Get rid of preconceived ideas for an inventive event at château

There's no risk of boring your guests at château : the reception areas are marked by the ups and downs of history and the extraordinary destinies of the personalities who have lived there. The green spaces provide a soothing atmosphere and endless potential for teambuilding activities. Imagine an original scenography for your seminars and events.

Privatize château to enhance your brand image and professional reputation.

Enhance your brand image and dazzle your guests with a château

The prestige of the château chosen for your event reflects well on your company. The architectural beauty of venues enhances your business event. Your guests are proud to share this professional experience with you, and place their trust in you for the future. 


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