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A beautiful image on glossy paper is nothing without the story it tells.

Whether you're inaugurating an advertising campaign, immortalizing a fashion show, launching new products, boosting your reputation or presenting your new collection, the choice of location sets the scene for the story you're going to photograph or film.

Remember the magnificent Chanel show at château in Chenonceau in 2020!

The venues heritage and cultural sites offer you exclusive opportunities for photo shoots, video clips and professional filming. :

Privatize exceptional spaces to create your brand identity

Use the light from your photos or videos to make your collection or products shine.

Enhance the backdrop of your photo shoot or video clip to reinforce your storytelling

Loc'Hall's asset for your photo shoot or professional filming in a heritage and cultural location

Loc'Hall is the first platform specializing in venues heritage and cultural events for professionals. Surround yourself with our trusted partners. Easily connect with heritage players to organize your professional shoot.

In Paris and the provinces

Our venues heritage and cultural sites for your professional photoshoot or shoot

On estimate

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles

5 Av. de Sceaux Versailles, 78000, Versailles
On estimate

Voyage, Samaritaine

11 R. de la Monnaie, 75001 Paris, Paris
Featured The Salon Haussmann at Centre Events Paris in conference configuration. CSR Certification
Starting at 900€

Centre Events Paris

3 Rue du Docteur Lancereaux, 75008, Paris
Featured The façade and garden of the Maurice Denis Museum.
On estimate

Musée Maurice Denis

2 Rue Maurice Denis Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 78100, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Starting at 3 500€

Théâtre Actuel La Bruyère

5 rue La Bruyère, 75009, Paris

Aquarium de Paris – Terrasses du Trocadéro

5 Avenue Albert de Mun, 75116, Paris

Privatize exceptional spaces to create your brand identity

How can you stand out in the sea of images that inundate us every day? For your professional photos or videos, choose a heritage or cultural location to set yourself apart from the crowd. approach, create an original atmosphere and assert youridentity of your brand..

Each place in our collection has its own atmosphere. What will your project be like?

Refined in the Haussmann apartment of a 19th-century Private Mansion , convivial in the dining room of a prestigious residence, sophisticated in the gallery of a Parisian artist, impressive on the dungeon of an ancient fortress or more confidential in the artistic garden of a museum... Choose the one that suits you!

Close-up of the staircase in the reception gallery of the Hôtel de Bouillon.

Use the light from your photos or videos to make your collection or products shine.

The Spaces available to hire of venues heritage and cultural sites are perfect for a photoshoot or promotional shoot. The spaciousness facilitate the handling of audio-visual equipment, but also provide valuable precious luminosity your photos or videos.

Sun or spotlight? All options are possible.

In a historic gallery, through the bay window of a beautiful building or the glass roof of an old library, natural light enhances interior spaces to provide you with ideal illumination. Looking for outdoor light? Remarkable gardens and parks are an asset of choice at venues . And don't forget terraces and rooftops, for a breathtaking backdrop!

Enhance the backdrop of your photo shoot or video clip to reinforce your storytelling

The venues heritage and cultural sites offer an infinite range of infinite scenographies.

Minimalist or exuberant, decors carry your story and give character to your photos or film. Patterns, materials, furniture, drapes, decorative objects, flower beds, unusual knick-knacks, collectibles... Create your own universe for a strong, identifiable storytelling!

The immaculate spaces of a former industrial plateau are like a blank page that you can fill to your heart's content. The only limit is your imagination... Want a more personalized environment? Choose an embodied interior, marked by a personal style. Victor Hugo, Marie-Antoinette, Bourdelle, Yves Saint Laurent... Immerse yourself in the intimacy of an artist for the duration of a professional shoot.


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