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In a Private Mansion

Immerse your guests in the unique world of a Private Mansion

Offer your guests an original original experience in a setting that's both personal and refined setting. Private Mansion is the ideal venue for a professional eventoff the beaten track. It's the perfect setting for a unique event. The choice is yours!

Book a Private Mansion for your BtoB event in order to :

Choose Private Mansion for the personal touch it will bring to your event.

Imagine a "home-like" scenario for your BtoB event

Introduce your guests to French heritage in a new and refined way

Historical residence, museum, villa or foundation - which do you prefer?

The Loc'Hall collection of private mansions for your business event

A hushed atmosphere for small strategic meetings

A brilliant decor to celebrate the arts and enhance your corporate image

A majestic historic setting for prestigious meetings

The Loc'Hall advantage for your BtoB event

in a Private Mansion

Loc'Hall is the first platform specializing in venues heritage and cultural events for professionals.

Surround yourself with our trusted partners. Easily connect with heritage players and local to organize your BtoB event..

In Paris or in the provinces

Our private hotels for your business event

On estimate

Les Maisons du Bonheur

199 Mnt du Vivier, 69820, Fleurie
On estimate

Hôtel de Bouillon

2 Rue Carnot, 78000, Versailles
On estimate

Musée national Picasso-Paris

5 Rue de Thorigny Paris, 75003, Paris
On estimate

Résidence Eisenhower

17 Boulevard Lundy, 51100, Reims
On estimate

L’Atelier Richelieu

6 Rue du Cloître-Notre-Dame Paris, 75004, Paris
On estimate

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

3 Rue Léonce Reynaud Paris, 75016, Paris
On estimate

Maison de la Chimie

28 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007, Paris
Starting at 300€

Bibliothèque musicale La Grange-Fleuret

11 Rue de Vézelay, 75008, Paris

Book a Private Mansion for your BtoB event in Paris or elsewhere in France

Choose Private Mansion for an embodied and original business event

Private Mansion offers an exclusive setting for all your business events. A place of life, effervescence and prestige, it offers you a unique unique scenography for your meetings, conferences, general assemblies, cocktails, fashion shows, showrooms and artistic gatherings. Do you prefer the cachet of Paris, the prestige of Versailles or the magic of the Mediterranean coast?

event B2B hotel les vignes

Imagine a "home-like" scenario for your BtoB event

L'Private Mansion invites you to stage your professional event as if you were the master of a prestigious residence. Take advantage of the lounges, boudoirs, libraries and orangeries to imagine a scenario in which your guests can wander from room to room, in an atmosphere that's both exceptional and convivial.exceptional and convivial atmosphere.. Even more original spaces, such as galleries, auditoriums and gardens, offer a host of event possibilities.

Introduce your guests to French heritage in a new and refined way

Private Mansion is a heritage jewel. An architectural testament to the elegance of its era, it is home to a number of breathtaking treasures exhibitions of famous works of art or Haute Couture creations, a precious collection of autographed books and scores, and scientific archives signed by renowned researchers... A wonderful way, particularly for your foreign delegations, to discover France's exceptional know-how and French culture.


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