Your corporate events in the Port de la Lune: discover our nuggets in Bordeaux!

"Always aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you'll land in the stars" - Oscar Wilde

Organize your business event in Bordeauxa matter of course? Yes, absolutely! The world's famous wine capital is known for its grands crus. But Bordeaux also boasts an ideal geographical location that attracts business tourism tourism. Theaters, wineries, prestigious châteaux: with Loc'Hallthe city of Gironde becomes the ideal playground for your team-building meetingsmeetings business dinners and cocktails or even a shoot in one of our venues heritage and cultural venues cultural sites. Your business event in Bordeaux in an exceptional setting to be enjoyed without moderation!


Bordeaux la Girondine: under the sign of sea and sky

Did you know? Bordeaux owes its delightful nickname of Port of the Moon to the crescent shape of the night star that the Garonne River assumes on the outskirts of the city.

Bordeaux Métropole: beating heart and economic vitality

From the very beginnings of maritime trade, Bordeaux's remarkable geographical location soon made it a key player in trade with the Americas. As a trading city par excellence, Bordeaux's history is at the root of its exceptional capacity to host professional events.


Your Paris-Bordeaux journey will take 2 hours by high-speed train, and its motorway network will take you to Paris, the Rhône-Alpes region and as far south as Spain.

Bordeaux-Mérignac airport serves all major European destinations, and with 8 convention centers and over 14,000 hotel rooms, the city is an easy place to hold seminars and business meetings.

La Belle d'Aquitaine: resolutely modern, superbly patrimonial

But the city of Bordeaux, ranked 9th in the GDS-Index, ISO 20121 certified, labeled an "Innovative and Sustainable Destination" and a flagship for eco-responsible mobility, is also characterized by a carefully cultivated gentle way of life. Its architectural heritage blends classical and contemporary architecture in perfect harmony. With its 347 monuments, Bordeaux is currently the largest urban area classified by UNESCO. 

Do you prefer entrecôte or seafood? Local caviar or crépinette? Or how about grenier médocain, a working-class dish that's now being served at the finest tables? Gironde remains one of the world's most prolific wine-growing regions, boasting no fewer than 65 appellations. But between vineyards and forests, river and ocean, the land of Aquitaine and its famous Arcachon basin offer a gastronomic diversity like no other. So many assets that attract business people from all over the world!  

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Your business events in Bordeaux: exceptional venues at the crossroads of the moon and the stars

The capital of the Gironde region, with its natural commercial flair, its openness to the world and its superb architecture, will be the perfect setting for all your business meetings.

The Musée du Vin et du Négoce: an exhilarating underground experience

Welcome your foreign partners who love French terroir to a charming site steeped in history. To seal a deal or conclude a contract, or to thank your colleagues, organize a dinner-tasting in a place that has seen the greatest vintages through the centuries: the cellars of the Musée du Vin et du Négoce.

La Cité du Vin: an epicurean paradise dedicated to the beverage of the gods

A capacity of 1,500 guests, a 670 m² Salle des Colonnes, 14 modular areas to host your exceptional events: the Cité du Vin is superlative! Architects Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières designed venues as an allegory to the glory of the divine nectar celebrated the world over. With its international scope and monumental design, this wine palace is worthy of the emblematic and extremely rare six-litre bottle, the pride of Bordeaux: the Impériale!

Le Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux: the art and the way for your business events

This neo-classical temple to music and the arts is part of a sublime urban ensemble that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its sumptuous Grand Foyer is a versatile venue for prestigious prestigious cocktails and gala dinners as well as studious master classes, while the Auditorium concert hall can accommodate up to 800 guests in a conference configuration. The Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux the ideal setting for your business events events.

B2b Bordeaux professional event

Moon Harbour Distillery: a step aside

A different atmosphere and guaranteed conviviality under the glass roof of the astonishing Moon Harbour Distillery. Let yourself be surprised by this former bunker and its peaceful contemporary use: in the undisputed land of grands crus, it now houses the maturation of the first 100% Bordeaux whisky! A transgressive side that appeals to start-ups and delights the most discerning venues shooters. scouts.

Château Gassies: premium services for your business meetings

With its southern temperament, whitewashed walls and red tiles, the 18th-century property is surprisingly contemporary and warm. The Château Gassies offers top-of-the-range services and an enchanting setting. It's the ideal setting for a premium evening with your shareholders, while its 14-person accommodation capacity promises residential team seminars brainstorming sessions in breathtaking surroundings.

Loc'Hall works tirelessly to establish exclusive partnerships with the managers and owners of exceptional venues exceptional heritage and cultural sites. By privatizing some of France's finest heritage sites, you'll be contributing to the country's reputation, while reinforcing your brand image.

To help you organize your business meetings in Bordeaux, rely on the most influential platform for the organization of prestigious events.

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Your next event 2 hours from Paris, a breath of fresh air and vitamin D for you and your employees

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