Professional event in Bordeaux: a multi-faceted city looking to the future... like you!

Looking for a prestigious venue for your next professional event in Bordeaux? Don't look any further, discover our proposal of three unique and refined atmospheres to impress your guests. From historical to contemporary, let yourself be inspired by venues exceptional settings that are out of the ordinary and are sure to offer an unforgettable experience to your guests. 


A not so wise city for an inventive BtoB event

Only 2 hours by TGV from Paris, Bordeaux is a city with many facets that will surprise you. 

A port city with a crescent-shaped moon, a city with beautiful golden stones, Bordeaux is the ideal playground to create a professional day or residential event that will dazzle your guests and encourage exchanges and cohesion.

A city that is easy to access for your guests

The TGV station (Bordeaux is 2 hours from Paris) and the international airport of Mérignac allow you to invite clients from Paris and further away with almost disconcerting ease.

Whether it's a meeting with the team of your overseas subsidiary, a moment of gathering for your teams, or a brainstorming session on your next product, Bordeaux offers you plenty of choices! Spend less time in transit and more time in the fresh air in this human-sized city where you can do almost everything on foot. 

A remarkable urban and cultural setting

Bordeaux has all the qualities of a city with a rich historical past. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, it has the beauty of classic and timeless monuments. Its stone facades, its majestic courtyards and its large squares constitute a prestigious setting for your professional event.

Bordeaux also benefits from an exceptional natural environment. The world-famous Bordeaux vineyards offer unique escapades for gourmets. And what about the immense beaches of the Atlantic coast, which are a delight for surfers and lovers of wide open spaces?

If you want to organize an unforgettable professional event between land and sea, Bordeaux has all the assets to make you win the game.

Stimulate your event creativity in Bordeaux

Far from resting on its past laurels, Bordeaux has reinvented itself and looked to the future. 

The quays of Bordeaux, which stretch over more than 4km along the Garonne, are a must-see recreational area.
The Corajoud Promenade offers a 93-hectare area that has been entirely rehabilitated on both banks. This contemporary landscaping highlights the remarkable urban heritage through planted pedestrian spaces, such as the famous Miroir d'eau.
excellent way to digest an appointment, a meeting or a business lunch, before going to drink a coffee as a team on one of the many terraces facing the Garonne.

A city open to soft mobility for a car-free event

The development of public transportation and bicycle paths allows for easy circulation in all of Bordeaux's historic districts. 

You will thus be able to take advantage of the city's many resources without taking the car, in record time. For example, you can combine a visit to the Grand Théâtre, a gourmet break in a chic downtown bistro and a stroll along the quays, all on foot, by bike or by public transport. 

Loc'Hall Events organizes your event in Bordeaux from A to Z.

A professional event in Bordeaux under the sign of epicureanism

Culture is also in the plate and the glass... for a gourmet event

The gastronomic culture of Bordeaux offers many possibilities that you can use for your professional event. 

Starred tables, tasting of great wines, oenological workshop or gourmet walk in the vineyards, there are many opportunities to realize a unique and unforgettable event scenario

"Carpe Diem" ! Take full advantage of your professional stay in the wine capital.

The Cité du Vin, an essential card to play for your BtoB event in Bordeaux

Inaugurated in 2016, the Cité du Vin is an eye-catcher from the start. If you want to create a surprise for your guests, it's perfect! 

Located on the former forges of the Bordeaux seaport, this bold architectural creation reaches 35 meters high and reproduces a futuristic vine. It symbolizes the fusion between wine and the river, tradition and innovation. An alchemy to which you can add your ingredients: the bubbling of your brain and the effervescence of your taste buds.

All your senses will be on alert in this singular space that celebrates wine culture in a resolutely contemporary spirit.

The Cité du Vin is supported by the Fondation pour la culture et les civilisations du vin. For your BtoB event, it offers large spaces (1500 people max.) but also meeting rooms for your work sessions in small groups. The strong point of this institution that has become unmissable? Its exclusive after-work activities around the wine and oenological heritage

A tempting menu to give a hedonistic note to your event

Within streetcar range, you have at your disposal a whole range of activities that will make your BtoB event a professional and epicurean interlude. 

Close to the Cité du Vin and the Chaban-Delmas Bridge is the Seeko'o Hotel **** Design Bordeaux. Its original architecture will place your event under the sign of modernity and innovation.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, you can take your team to the tree-lined Chartrons district, known for its dynamism and its stores. With its many incubators and its very startup atmosphere, tech and projects related to the common good have taken up residence there. A quality restaurant to end your day on a friendly and refined note? Maison Nouvelle, the latest address of chef Philippe Etchebest, awaits you.

So many good reasons tocombine work and pleasure.

A prestigious professional event in Bordeaux

A remarkable heritage to stage your BtoB event

 Its eighteenth century facades, historic shops and cobblestone streets, monumental squares and majestic courtyards are all elements of a sublime setting. 

The St André cathedral, the Place de la Bourse, the Place de la Comédie and the Grands Hommes district are essential stops for your event scenario. 

Did you know that with its 12 hectares, the Esplanade des Quinconces, on the banks of the Garonne, is the largest square in Europe? 

B2b Bordeaux professional event

The Grand Théâtre leads the way for a flamboyant professional event

The Grand Théâtre is the architectural diamond of Bordeaux. Located on the emblematic Place de la Comédie, it is a jewel of refinement and elegance. If you want to give your event a noble and prestigious spirit, this is the place for you. 

A true masterpiece of the 18th century, it also offers exceptional acoustics for the various music, dance and theater performances that take place there each year. Since the beginning, it has welcomed the most famous artists: Liszt, Duprez, Nathalie Dessay, Cecilia Bartoli... It is up to you to join the choir in this temple of the arts. Let your voice be heard!

The Grand Théâtre can accommodate up to 1000 people for conferences, gala dinners or prestigious receptions. You can offer your employees a guided tour of this exceptional establishment, followed by an unforgettable evening: a VIP opera, ballet or concert performance to choose from the season's program. Music Maestro!

Ask for the program!

For your prestigious professional event, the city of Bordeaux offers you severalaccommodation possibilities in its 5* hotels.

You prefer to keep an intimate atmosphere after your meeting or seminar in small group? Invite your clients to the Palais Gallien Hotel and Spa, in the heart of downtown.

Are you in the mood to amaze your colleagues in a place with a view of the Grand Theatre? Then the Intercontinental-Grand Hotel, also known as the Grand-Hôtel de Bordeaux, is the place for you. You will find the two-starred table of the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay. 

An escapade in the vineyards of Bordeaux will add a bucolic and gourmet touch to your event. The mythical address Le Saint James awaits you in Bouliac. This former 18th century farmhouse is now a starred restaurant where you can enjoy contemporary cuisine inspired by regional flavors, accompanied of course by the finest wines. Your guests will be delighted, and you too!

An elegant and atypical professional event in Bordeaux

A city at the heart of new societal and environmental issues

Bordeaux is known for its historical monuments, but it is also full of nuggets to get off the beaten track and make your guests aware of new societal and environmental issues.

The most emblematic place of this new bohemian spirit is without a doubt the Darwin-ecosystem. Located on the right bank of the Garonne, in the Bastide district, this former disused barracks now offers an open and creative space. "When you come here, you're in the next world", explains its founder, Philippe Barre. If you too want to look to the future with your teams, this place will speak to you: street-art, organic bistro, urban wine cellar, ethical stores and skate-park, you will have here all the ingredients for a CSR professional event.

La Faïencerie, a neo-industrial atmosphere for your BtoB event

La Faïencerie is today the largest reception area of character in Bordeaux. Its rich industrial past is still reflected in its architecture, which has been rehabilitated in a loft style. A witness to the history of the Docks, the Faïencerie was home to the manufacture of the famous "Vieillard" earthenware in the 19th century, which was exported all over the world from the port of Bordeaux (the Port of the Moon).

This former workshop breathes an original neo-industrial spirit into your event. An elegant and relaxed atmosphere in its 1200m2 for your working days, workshops, conferences, dinners, gala evenings, showrooms, launch parties or cocktail parties up to 600 people. Imagine your pitch, the spaces adapt. And of course, as we are in Bordeaux, we don't joke with the plate... and the glass!

Convivial strolls for a "slow-event

If you want to make your event both fun and original, the Mama Shelter boutique hotel is the perfect accommodation to make your guests feel at ease. Located right in the center of the city, this trendy hotel offers a variety of dining options from the city's most beautiful rooftop.

Feel like a more gastronomic table? The Pavillon des Boulevards, directed by the starred Chef Thomas Morel, also welcomes you in a garden planted with trees, on its beautiful terrace sheltered from view. The Parc Bordelais just next door will allow you to organize a little digestive stroll, and why not, a playful activity to pump up your teams.

Bordeaux has not said its last word!

As you can see, the city of Bordeaux is far from the classic image of a bourgeois provincial town. It has many assets that will make your BtoB event a memorable professional interlude

Always on the lookout for novelties, the new and the unique, the Loc'Hall team accompanies you to propose new solutions for your BtoB events.

Prestigious or relaxed atmosphere, work meetings or cohesion activities in a 100% urban setting or in the wide open spaces facing the ocean, venues confidential, mansions, museums or green estates, the palette of flavors and colors is infinite.

Your next event 2 hours from Paris, a breath of fresh air and vitamin D for you and your employees

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