History and Heritage

Our venues speak to you about love

There are venues that touch you more than others, venues with a strong personality, marked by the imprint of those who lived there and shaped them. Private mansions, bourgeois houses, country manors that have become palaces, in turn refuges or sources of inspiration, they all have in common that they let us penetrate into the heart of the city.

Hotel Le Marois: elegance and refinement of the Second Empire

At the end of this summer, we take you to discover a nugget of the VIIIth district of Paris, the hotel Le Marois. Located on avenue Franklin Roosevelt and facing the Grand Palais, the hotel Le Marois is in the heart of the glittering Paris, but it is a residence known only to the initiated, an elegant place, rich of its history and [...].

Nissim de Camondo_Cour d'Honneur Museum

The Nissim de Camondo Museum or the 18th century dream of a collector

Today, we invite you to an extraordinary journey through time, on the edge of the 8th Arrondissement and the Parc Monceau, in a place that is out of time and out of the way of the traditional tourist routes and often unknown to Parisians themselves, the Nissim de Camondo Museum. It is a place to discover the work of a life and a devouring passion, [...]

The Domaine de Madame Elisabeth in Versailles

The Domaine de Madame Elisabeth or the happy days of a princess with a tragic fate. Today we take you to discover a place particularly dear to Loc'Hall, an 18th century jewel in a sea of greenery very close to an illustrious neighbor, the Château of Versailles ! It's a charming 18th century property composed of a house and a small garden....


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