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Our Custom Venue Search Service

Planning a business cocktail, a conference or a corporate seminar, but none of the regular venues match your vision? Looking for a truly unique venue? One that will bring your vision to life and make a lasting impression?

Let us find the perfect venue that will exhalt your business event

Each business event is an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in out-of-the-ordinary venues.

Discover how we can help you find exceptional venues for your events. Our custom venue team will bring your vision to light. Loc'Hall opens the doors to rare and exclusive locations, giving you access to secret addresses that will turn your event into a memorable experience.

Customized support

Endding the right venue can be pretty tedious when organizing a corporate event. One venue looks like the next, and searching for the right place can be very time-consuming.

This is why Loc'Hall has created the first customized venue-finding service. Our team will guide you every step of the way in selecting an exceptional venue. Constantly on the lookout, their unparalleled ability to unearth locations with that little extra something is what makes Loc'Hall stand above the rest.

And because each BtoB gathering is unique, we offer you a customized service specifically designed to meet your expectations and needs.

Loc'Hall Customized Support: How Does It Work?

Our customized 3-step custom venue search process:


Step 1: Establishing Detailed Specifications

We work with you to establish detailed specifications to find the perfect venue and magnify your B2B event. We go through all the aspects of your event, including location preferences and the atmosphere/decor you are looking for. Because a corporate event is part of your brand identity, we also discuss the message you want to convey through your event. Nothing is left to chance to select the most appropriate venues to enhance your event.


Step 2: Searching for the Venue

Once the specifications have been established, our team sets out to find the most beautiful locations. Unique venues that will enchant your guests and will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Secret addresses, emblematic buildings, unconventional reception halls: we commit our expertise to your ambitions.


Step 3: Selecting Exceptional Venues for Your Corporate Event

Once our research is completed, we provide you with a book of proposals of places available at the desired date and corresponding in every way to your request. You are then free to contact the selected venues directly to finalize your choice or to continue with Loc'Hall's support service. Our team will advise you, facilitate the paperwork and organize scouting visits. A real time-saver!  

3 Good Reasons To Choose Our Service To find Exceptional Venues

To save time

Don't waste another minute in your quest for an exceptional venue. Loc'Hall's customized support allows you to focus on what is essential without compromising excellence.

To find an off-the-beaten-path reception venue

For your B2B event, wow your guests with an unparalleled experience in a privileged setting.

To ease the process for a worry-free event

Let Loc'Hall assist you in finding the right location. You will benefit from our expertise to help bring your project to life.

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