Dinner at the museum or the experience of an enchanted parenthesis

Rental of the Museum of Romantic Life for dinners

Bring back the magic to your business dinners by immersing your guests in the midst of works of art or a historical setting rather than a banal restaurant, no matter how sophisticated. Let them live an exceptional experience by stimulating both their taste buds and their eyes: the memory of these extraordinary moments will remain engraved in their minds!

The trend is towards small meetings and many of our venues offer spaces that are both intimate in their configuration and spectacular in their decor, which will perfectly meet this need for wonder.

Of course, a private tour of venues, the collections and/or the temporary exhibition adds undeniable value to the experience.

Spectacular, original, intimate or cosy, here is our selection of venues for a dinner that your guests will not forget:

Please note that, in this particular period of health crisis, our venues and our referenced or partner caterers are experienced in welcoming the public in complete safety and will therefore be able to receive your guests in compliance with health regulations. The capacities mentioned below are given as an indication, they are the capacities in normal conditions; during the COVID period they are reviewed on a case by case basis.

COGNACQ-JAY MUSEUM - The 18th century museum

In the heart of the Marais, the Cognacq-Jay Museum brings together the collection of the founder of the Samaritaine department stores, who was passionate about the 18th century.

Located on the second floor of the Donon Hotel, a suite of four salons decorated with delicate woodwork and works from the permanent collection offers a refined and intimate setting typical of the art of living in the Age of Enlightenment.

Cognacq Jay Salons Boiseries Receptions

Wooden rooms: 105 m2 in total - up to 25 people seated


Victor Hugo lived for 16 years in this apartment of the Hôtel de Rohan-Guéménée whose decoration has been faithfully restored. Dine in the warm setting of the Red Room and the Chinese Room and enjoy a breathtaking view of one of the prettiest squares in Paris.

2nd floor apartment: 280 m2 in total - up to 50 persons seated
Please note that the museum is closed for renovation until November 5


Place of life and creation of the Russian-born sculptor, a major figure of the School of Paris. From 1928 to 1967, the Zadkine Museum is a haven of peace and memory with anintimate and poetic atmosphere, near the Luxembourg Gardens.

Museum exhibition space: 139 m2 - up to 25 people seated.


The charm of the literary circles of the 19th century in the house where the painter Ary Scheffer lived and worked: Chopin, Liszt, Lamartine, Delacroix, Thiers or Dickens and all the artistic elite of the time were among the regulars of the studio-salon, which today can receive your guests in a soft romantic atmosphere.

Museum of Romantic Life Reception

Workshop-Lounge: 70 m2 - up to 35 people seated


Dedicated to the work of Alberto Giacometti, the Giacometti Institute opened its doors in 2018 in thePrivate Mansion of the Art Deco master Paul Follot in the heart of Montparnasse. It includes exhibition rooms that present the artist's studio, with works for the most part never shown to the public, his working furniture or the original walls painted by the artist. There are 4 temporary exhibitions per year. On the first floor, reception rooms have been set up in the apartment that Paul Follot designed and decorated in a style between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Entirely restored, it is an ideal place to organize intimate and elegant dinners.

Giacometti Institute Reception room

Paul Follot reception room: 40 m2 - up to 20 people seated


Beyond a simple museum,Private Mansion André is a residence designed by the Jacquemart-André couple who organized sumptuous evenings there. The reception rooms reflect their taste for painting and decorative arts with many masterpieces signed Fragonard or Rembrandt. These modular and intimate spaces are ideal for dinner parties in an exceptional setting.

Jacquemart Andre museum privatization evening

3 lounges between 100 and 114 m2 - up to 90 people seated per lounge


At the gates of Paris, Sèvres Manufacture and National Museum is a mecca of industrial heritage that has housed the Sèvres porcelain production workshops since 1876 and the national collections of the Museum of Fire Arts. The institution offers several spaces for the organization of prestigious receptions. In the heart of the 4 hectare park, the 19th century Pavillon Pompadour, Private Mansion , offers the ideal setting for a refined dinner in the spirit of a family home.

Dinner at the Ceramic Museum in Sèvres

Pompadour Pavilion: 100 m2 - up to 50 people seated


About fifteen kilometers west of Paris, the château of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, former royal residence, is one of the most prestigious venues of the French heritage, where many major figures of the French History lived, since Louis VI the Fat one who founded there a first château fort in 1124, while passing by François Ier who renovated it, until Louis XIV who was born there. In the heart of this sumptuous Renaissance château is an extraordinary reception area, the Royal Chapel built by Saint Louis. It served as a model for the Sainte Chapelle, and today it offers an exceptional setting for exceptional dinners.

Saint Louis Chapel: 213 m2 - up to 80 people seated


Imperial and sumptuous but also intimate and romantic, the château of Malmaison, where Josephine and Napoleon fell in love, offers a charming setting for prestigious dinners in the manner of the French favorite empress.

Private dinner in the dining room of Château of Malmaison

Salle à Manger de l'Impératrice : 83 m2 - up to 50 people seated

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