How to miss your B2B event... and some ideas for making it a success, if you really want to!

successful museum prestige event

"On the photos, you couldn't see the industrial wasteland...". "I'd thought of everything, but it rained on the petit fours! "Listen, I'd come up with a great animation: the grand-nephew of the secretary's cousin from the third grade went to circus school. Well, some of the guests didn't appreciate getting the juggler's balls in their glasses, pfff."

Am I caricaturing? Hardly. Have you noticed that certain professional events are very popular?

"Wow, I've been to this museum several times, but to be able to wander through the collections without a compact crowd crowding in front of the works, what a joy!"

"The buffet was delicious and great to have provided a heated marquee in the garden!" 

"What a great idea, this chair massage service!" 

... When others fail, when they don't simply turn into disasters...

Your prestigious business meeting is an integral part of your company's strategy: the cost of a botched evening is more than just a waste of money. Brand image, loss of influence, failed negotiations... The repercussions of a poorly calibrated and poorly organized event are incalculable.

Loc'Hall reveals how to make your business event a sure-fire failure... and the three mistakes to avoid for a successful B2B event! 


Mistake No. 1: Choosing a location without taking brand branding into account

"Your branding is the most important thing for your brand to invest in." Steve Forbes

In real estate, we're all familiar with the famous "rent, rent, rent" principle: it doesn't matter how beautiful and well appointed the interior of a house or apartment is. Even if you've unearthed the rare gem, the ideal number of bedrooms, the summer-winter swimming pool that everyone dreams of, if the location of the property doesn't match the customer's standards, the sale will fail. 

In your business strategy, it's the same thing. What counts? "Image, image... and more image! 

  • How do you want to position yourself?
  • Given your branding, what are your customers' and prospects' expectations? 
  • Does the chosen venue reflect your values, your expansion plans, your cultural and social identity?

Opting for a default venue at the last minute, favouring economies of scale or neglecting the impact of your choice on your brand image can leave a lasting impression on your guests... and not in the way you want.

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Mistake No. 2: Neglecting the logistical details of organizing your B2B event

"Sir, I won't survive this confrontation, I have honor and reputation to lose." François Vatel

Regardless of the prestige of the site you choose, poor logistics alone will disrupt your business event. Organizing a large-scale event in a heritage site calls for a meticulous plan of action. This is all the more true when the location is atypical, far from city centers or difficult to access. Yet the wow effect on your guests is well worth the effort! 

But beware of small oversights and other approximations that can quickly turn into inextricable puzzles: 

  • poor access management ; 
  • lack of consideration for the transport network ;  
  • approximate securing of the perimeter of the building or gardens ;
  • choice of external service providers without prior recommendation ;
  • generic and unrepresentative of your brand; 
  • etc.

Coordinating all the logistical aspects of a business event is a real challenge, and can even become an obstacle course for large-scale gatherings. And that can spoil the party... and the business benefits for your company! 

Mistake no. 3: believing that your professional charm alone will make your event unforgettable

"You should never rest on your laurels: it's not a very solid seat." Louis Dumur

For however charismatic a brand, company or even its CEO may be, these undeniable assets are not enough to make a cocktail party, dinner or seminar unforgettable. 

Boredom is the undisputed enemy of any successful event. This is even truer when organizing a business meeting:

  • Your guests have "seen it all". In a globalized world, executives and business leaders are accustomed to traveling, experiencing other cultures and living new and exciting experiences. Dusty or even non-existent animation, a sluggish pace and lengthy pauses between speeches will reduce your efforts to nothing. And while the breathtaking scenery of an exceptional château continues to inspire admiration, in this age of "all-tertainment", entertaining, amusing and astonishing participants is anything but secondary.
  • Beware of the "this is a business meeting, not a gastronomic competition" theory. Think again. Flippant service, unremarkable wine and beverages and a bland caterer don't inspire celebration or indulgence when it comes to presenting annual figures. And don't expect any pity from your foreign guests: they're often more accustomed to excellence than their French counterparts, and know that in France, "if everything starts with song, everything ends with a (very good) gueuleton...".

More than ever, a brand's attractiveness and prosperity remain a fragile edifice. In today's world, where supply is plentiful, your competitors formidable, and economic tensions affect all decision-making, no one can rest on their laurels and reputation. What's at stake in a successful B2B event is, quite simply, the survival and development of your company.

Making a success of your B2B event: 1-2-3 Loc Hall winning solutions

1 - Unearth the rare pearl and find the exclusive location that will showcase your company to best advantage

 Can you imagine a CAC 40 group holding its Partners evening in the soulless conference room of a charmless hotel? Big companies spend a fortune on professional events because they know that the return on investment will be commensurate with their commitment. Whether you're a start-up on the cusp of success, or a small family-run business with a strong local presence, you can count on the prestige of a cultural venue that reflects your image. 

2 - Plan your business event in advance

A successful event, like your corporate strategy, is designed and planned several months in advance. And even in the case of the XXL event that will bring the world's greatest athletes to Paris, some international groups have booked the venues heritage and cultural sites that will host their guests at the games across France almost two years in advance. And if, despite everything, you've been a little overwhelmed by the schedule, trust the experts in event privatization to turn your last-minute event into the success of the year!

3 - Offer your guests an exceptional experience

High-end services, meticulous programming, exquisite food, original entertainment, personalized attention before, during and after the event (refined invitations, guest book and welcome gift, video souvenir...). Impressing demanding guests requires preparation, knowledge of their tastes and habits, and know-how. But achieving excellence will guarantee maximum impact and the expected business results.

Endd a heritage or atypical site for you, manage the complex logistics of your business meeting, offer your business guests a refined and memorable experience: Loc'Hall, the 1st platform of influence for prestigious heritage and cultural events, can help.venues exclusive, all-inclusive packages and customized event organization: Loc'Hall makes the success of your B2B event as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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