Testimony of Bruno Truchon Bartès / Donjon de Moret

Why did you choose Loc'Hall?
Loc'Hall is a real site for promoting heritage and putting people in touch with each other, not just a digital marketplace. A real contact, a listening of the founders to bring a fast, qualitative and effective solution to their customers' requests.
Thanks to its premium and exclusive positioning, Loc'Hall has the ability to create a synergy between events and venues around a common objective of satisfaction and success.

What value(s) do you share with Loc'Hall?
- Exclusivity
- Proximity
- Heritage preservation
- the common concern of creating experiences
Le Donjon de Moret shares these values. The satisfaction of the "guest" is at the heart of our approach whether he is a private individual or a company.
We always seek to create a moment, an experience that underlines the key words of Loc'Hall: to amaze, to surprise, to move.
Le Donjon is part of the same approach.

What are the benefits you expect from this partnership?
- Optimize the visibility of the Donjon
- Access to qualified and qualitative events and clients
- To welcome clients for whom Heritage is not an empty word!

To finish, if you had to summarize Loc'Hall in 3 keywords, it would be...
#the beautiful

Discover the Donjon de Moret for your next event!

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