Rémy Prouvost, Républik Supply "We need to organize events in venues that are meaningful"

Former General Manager of the Supply business unit within Republik, Rémy Prouvost organized a gala dinner, on the advice of Loc'Hall, at the Dosne-Thiers Foundation. As a lover of beautiful stones, he explains the advantages of organizing an event in a patrimonial place.

Loc'Hall. Can you recall the context of this event?

Rémy Prouvost. At the time of the event, I was working for Républik, an organizer of BtoB events dedicated to business verticals (purchasing, retail, IT, real estate...). I developed with them the concept of Républik Supply, a series of events dedicated to supply chain, logistics, transport... Among these events, we organized the first Night of the Supply Chain at the Mogador Theater, in December 2021. We also awarded a prize, the Supply Trophy, to start-ups or young companies that proposed innovative solutions.

Loc'Hall. What were the elements of your specifications?

Rémy Prouvost. My brief was simple: to find a nice and prestigious place, five minutes walk from the Mogador Theatre, where I could organize a gala dinner gathering the jury, the winners of the prizes and some leaders of the supply chain, about a hundred people. One of my contacts introduced me to Loc'Hall's search services venues which I used to identify the venues that met my brief and budget. In fact, in the end, the budget for the venue turned out to be much lower than I thought. It is often believed that venues heritage venues are very expensive, but the proof is in the pudding that we sometimes get the wrong idea.

Loc'Hall. Did Loc'Hall's research meet your expectations?

Rémy Prouvost. Of course! Loc'Hall introduced me to two venues, including the Dosne-Thiers Foundation. I don't know if there is an obvious link between this place and the world of supply chain, but it corresponded in every way to my research. It is true that its location, a few meters from the theater, met my first criterion of choice, which allowed me to keep a maximum number of guests between the event and the dinner. The dinner, moreover, turned out to be a real success, partly thanks to the atmosphere of the place. For me, as a lover of beautiful stones, it was out of the question to be in any kind of space, such as a hotel room...

Loc'Hall. How can a heritage venue satisfy your objectives as an organizer today?

Rémy Prouvost. My professional life is marked by many seminars and events in France and abroad. Since we came out of the Covid-19 crisis, especially with employees who are increasingly dispersed due to telecommuting, we now have to consider bringing them together in a place that makes sense. Moreover, the younger generations are constantly asking for this. So, bringing French heritage to life and making it shine by organizing events there meets these objectives. France is full of many magical venues that allow to conceive nice event projects in a setting that, because of its history, makes you think. This is an ideal approach for our organizations.

Do like Rémy Prouvost and Républik Supply and organize a meaningful event

Would you like to start your search by yourself? Events in venues of exception require a particular attention to certain details as you have understood here. To make your pre-selection, we have gathered the main reflexes to adopt to choose a cultural or patrimonial event venue

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