"We don't tell the same story to the general public as we do to a BtoB audience of event organizers"

The venues cultural or heritage sites that traditionally welcome the general public must also consider developing a different offer and discourse, dedicated to events. This is the conviction of Yoann Lemarre, sales director of Loc'Hall, author of this article.

The venues cultural and heritage sites, with rare exceptions, welcome the general public. It is even their priority vocation. In fact, they are successful in doing so, since, overall, the number of admissions to heritage sites in 2022 is almost back to the level of 2019. The attractiveness of this type of venues to the general public is therefore as strong as ever, despite the explosion in the digitization of cultural practices.

The venues cultural and heritage masters marketing to the general public

The success of the physical reception of the general public is also the result of professionalized marketing and communication practices, and of work on the sources of attractiveness. Today, the venues cultural and heritage organizations have mastered the subject perfectly.

In addition to their public service mission, many of them have also seized the opportunity to host corporate events, which have become an important source of business in recent years. Thanks to platforms such as Loc'Hall, their visibility with organizers has grown considerably. 

Getting an event to come to you is based on a very specific argument

Event organizers are optimistic about their business in 2023. It is therefore up to venues to make the most of the situation. 

Attracting events requires a specific offer for venues which has several vocations. Because the same messages are not addressed to an event organizer and to a visitor, to an ordinary tourist.

The average tourist is looking for an experience for himself, to be lived individually or even with his family.

The btob event organizer wants his guests to have an out of the ordinary experience, and that this experience be lived together.

This difference, essential, imposes a separate reflection. Indeed, making it happen is not based on the same arguments. Convincing an event organizer cannot be improvised. BtoB cannot deploy the arguments usually used by BtoC. 

"Each location must think about its BtoB customers
customers to come up with a truly differentiated proposition."

The specific needs of the event organizer

When seeking to share a story with guests, whether internal or external to the company, an organizer makes choices that address specific needs, starting with the well-being of the group:

  • accessibility,
  • quality of the reception and the restoration,
  • equipped and connected workspace,
  • a relaxing activity that makes sense...

These elements constitute the lowest common denominator, a sort of vital minimum to be implemented in order to exist in the events sector. This minimum is increasingly taking into account the CSR requirements for event organizers, and therefore the venues themselves. 

More importantly, the intangible elements of the place, its singular charisma such as its history, its atmosphere, its décor, its values... form a solid foundation on which the latter can rely to get its messages across. 

The importance of an offer dedicated to events

The particular requirements of the organizer, in terms of logistics, hospitality and values, must be met individually in the venue's offer.

Each location must also think about its BtoB customers. It is a real work of reflection, which must lead to a real differentiated BtoB proposal.

It is up to marketing, whether strategic, relational or digital, to highlight the overall capacity of the venue to respond positively to organizers' requests. A specific and relevant BtoB customer path must be set up.

At Loc'Hall, we are obviously aware of the event-related challenges for venues , whose vocation is more oriented towards the general public. We are convinced that they can capture new resources through corporate events.

We are active, professional and inventive ambassadors of this subject, and our vocation is that these two worlds, which have so many values to share, imagine collaborations that create value for each.  

"Loc'Hall is an innovative response to the problems of visibility of privatization actions of venues heritage. "

Esther, in charge of sponsorship at Château in Malmaison

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