The School of Jewellery Arts or the event excellence of the know-how shared to all

The School of Jewellery Arts is a unique place and experience in the world. As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, its unique offer meets the current requirements of event organizers. Marie Vallanet, its President, explains its model, which is the basis for the success of the events hosted.

The School of Jewellery Arts is unlike any other event venue. First of all, because of its original mission, without any equivalent in the world. " We created it in 2012 with the objective of transmitting jewelry culture to the general public," says Marie Vallanet, President of L'École des Arts Joailliers, who has carried the project since its inception. It is neither an establishment serving the promotion of a company, nor a professional training center. Our ambition is to talk about jewellery know-how, the history of jewelry and the world of precious stones to everyone, without exception. Pioneers on these subjects, the teams of the place have invented their own teaching methods for the general public, which have been appreciated by 65,000 people for 10 years.

A "home-like" welcome to put you at ease

Housed in the Hôtel de Ségur, a magnificent 18th century Private Mansion located just a few meters from Place Vendôme in Paris, the School makes welcoming the public a central part of its offer. The place is magnificent, full of history and significance, but I understand that it can be intimidating for people who enter a world they know nothing about," explains Marie Vallanet. That's why, as soon as they walk through the door, we do everything we can to make them feel 'at home. If people aren't comfortable, we lose efficiency. At The School, of course, you have the right not to know. That's why the accessibility of the place as well as the courses and workshops is essential. "It' s a hell of a pedagogical job, " says Marie Vallanet.

The experiential dimension at the heart of the offer

The fundamentals of the School are also based on experience and experimentation. In the courses given by some fifty expert and passionate teachers, all of whom have a real desire to pass on their knowledge, the pieces and works are likely to be manipulated. The success of the place with event organizers is based on this offer, reminds the President of the School: " The experiential dimension is at the heart of all creation. It is therefore essential. From the very first year, companies have approached us. The sponsorship of Van Cleef & Arpels, which initiated the School's project, gives us even more legitimacy with them

When a car brand trains its salesmen there...

For example, every month, the École des Arts Joailliers provides training for the sales staff of a car manufacturer. The latter come one after the other to discover the different skills involved in making a jewel. Marie Vallanet emphasizes the strength of the messages and the parallelism between the two activities: " The creation of a jewel, like that of a car, is a collective work that can only achieve excellence when the cohesion and coordination between the different trades are perfect. Every detail is important. Moreover, it is essential to show that the men who are at the origin of these objects give them value. The understanding is then immediate and the communication is passed.

From Spaces available to hire for an evening of original entertainment

The 600 m2 of space at L'École, spread over 3 levels, are open to privatization. Many client parties, up to 200 people, take place there. The guests can have access to hot enameling, polishing and setting workshops, lectures on the history of jewelry or a visit to the School's own heritage collection, acquired over the years. "The pieces, the oldest of which date back to three centuries BC, are not behind glass, but are accessible. The real proximity with the works, which we consider to be educational tools, is essential," explains Marie Vallanet.

An exclusive offer for small committees

To complete the offer of hosting all types of events, L'École des Arts Joailliers has also created, exclusively for companies and for 12 people, the Wine & Gems workshop, which highlights the links between oenology and gemology. A nod to the Marquis de Segur, former guest of venues, owner of vineyards and supplier to the court. " It's a 3-hour immersive experience that crosses the two worlds. Guests handle the gems and taste the wines. The jewel, like the wine, is a product of the earth and we talk about color, transparency..." says Marie Vallanet. Ideal for an executive committee or a team of a consulting firm!

In any case, L'École des Arts Joailliers responds to this quest for meaning that event organizers have been aspiring to in recent years. 

"This search for meaning can go through craftsmanship, which is a very strong marker of the know-how that comes to us from the men of the past and the unwavering excellence. Given the brutality of the times and our digitalizing world, organizations need to be reassured. Our positioning and our mission around arts and crafts are elements of response to their current objectives.

Book the School of Jewelry Arts to make your professional event sparkle

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