In Cannes, the venues heritage and cultural events festival takes place

the sea-facing Croisette in Cannes

What a exceptional place brought together the most beautiful and influential women in international cinema in 2023? When a jury retires to deliberate on the world's most prestigious awards, where does it go? What was the HQ of a major magazine with little suspicion of classicism for several years, at every festival in the summer world-city? And the most important question of all: where can you find Joaquin Phoenix barefoot on a beach in the early hours of the morning?

The answer is simple: Cannes, and in in the Loc'Hall heritage and cultural catalogheritage and cultural catalogue, of course! Although, as far as the actor is concerned, who won the 2017 Prix d'interprétation for the film You Were Never Really Hereour sources are open to question...

From May 14 to 25, 2024, the Croisette will rustle to the whispers of haute couture gowns on the red carpet, highlighting the grandeur and diversity of an art form that mirrors the world, time and its era. Loc'Hall takes you to Cannes for a heritage trip to the land of the stars.. Discover the genesis of a creation: that of the most famous of film festivals. Join us as we open the doors to some of the world's most venues exceptional : these confidential addresses transmitted with the utmost discretion. They are favorite havens for Cannes' stars in search of authenticity.


The great story of a small fishing port

Or how did a fishing village become an international meeting place for the film and audiovisual industries?

A history of English Cannes

Before the glitter and spotlights, there was light. That of a radiant sun in the limpid sky of a small Mediterranean fishing port. In those far-off days, the only stars clung to the night sky.

And as is often the case in the history of the most beautiful French resorts, it's to an Englishman that the ancient city of Liguria owes its entry onto the elegance scene. 

To an Englishman, fresh from his duties as Lord Chancellor of the British Empire, and to the cholera raging in northern Italy in 1834! Endding the border closed on his arrival in the county of Nice, Lord Brougham turned carriage and decided to retreat to Grasse. Chance or fate? He stopped off at the coaching inn of a tiny fishing port. Fallen under the spell of the place and its inhabitants, he acquired a plot of land on which to build the Villa Éléonore-Louise, named after his beloved daughter. Lord Brougham was soon joined by an English aristocracy fond of gentle seas and "exotic" landscapes: the Cannes of the jet set was born.

terrace of the vila eleonore louise in Cannes with guests

World capital of the 7th art

The Cannes Festival was born one evening in 1938, at the Venice Mostra.

Suddenly, the shadow of war

The shadow of Hitler's regime overshadowed the Italian festival of world cinema, with its relentless censorship and the exposure of mediocre propaganda films glorifying Nazism. Under the impetus of diplomat Philippe Erlanger, Jean Zay, then Minister of Education, and Albert Sarraut, Minister of the Interior, the decision was made: a French festival was to be created. A short-lived, precursory first act of resistance. The location: Cannes, a sunny town in an enchanting setting. The year: 1939...

La paix du Phœnix: Cannes forever

There will be no festival. As soon as it was created, its existence was wiped out by the turmoil of the unspeakable war that engulfed humanity for 5 interminable years. But like the Phoenix (the mythical bird, not Joaquin...), the idea was reborn from the ashes of a devastated Europe in search of new meaning and a fragile joie de vivre: on September 20, 1946, the Cannes International Film Festival opened its wings wide. It carried with it the hope and vitality of world cinema. In 2024, it is still flying high in the firmament of the stars.

Marilyn Monroe at the first Cannes Film Festival in 1946

Heritage trip to the land of stars

"Every year, at the Cannes Film Festival, impalpable stars leave the film and offer themselves to the gaze of mortals." Edgar Morin

Just a few days away from the 7th art's big event, palaces and Michelin-starred chefs are preparing their weapons for a battle of wits, with an economic impact as real as any box-office result. We take you on a stroll through Cannes, for a heritage trip to the land of the stars, the real ones. Far, far away from the deluge of glitter and the overkill of luxury and influencers, and well away from the hustle and bustle of the Palais des Festivals.

Villa Domergue: a dazzling haven for an exceptional jury

sit-down dinner in the gardens of villa domergue in cannes

In 1934, Jean-Gabriel Domergue and his wife created Villa Fiesole, with its spectacular terraced gardens, ponds and waterfalls. Did they imagine that one day, renamed after themselves, the Villa Domergue would host the 63rd Cannes Film Festival? Yet it was here, inspired by this breathtaking setting, that director Tim Burton and his jury agreed on a daring prize list: for the first time, the legendary Palm will be awarded to a Thai film.

Place de la Castre: a medieval jewel for rivers of stars

The fortified monastery of Lérins Abbey is no stranger to grace. But on May 22, 2023, during Kering's "Women in Motion" dinner, an entirely different light shone on the Place de la Castre. place de la Castre. The stars of world cinema gathered here for an engaging and meaningful gala, in the most beautiful of natural settings: a dazzling view over the Bay of Cannes.

Médiathèque Noailles: rock'n'roll and heritage

Formerly owned by the de Rothschild family, its gardens are a veritable voyage around the world, with many a celebrity treading their soil and smelling their exotic flowers. In a rock'n'roll chic twist, the newspaper Les Inrocks chose to set up shop in the Médiathèque Noailles during the festival several years running. As a little mouse, we'd have loved to slip into venues and watch the interviews with legends of the music scene.

musical evening in the gardens of the Noailles media library in Cannes

Loc'Hall opens its exclusive venues for all your prestigious business events. In Cannes, take your guests on a heritage journey to the land of the stars, for an enchanting evening or an infinitely chic cocktail party. Under the stars of a sky that, since 1946, has shone down on the greatest names in cinema, never letting its brilliance fade.

Your next event in the footsteps of the world's biggest film festival!

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