Plan corporate events for your end-of-year celebrations

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It's already time to think about how to organize the end of year celebrations as a team. Because the event is often awaited by more and more dispersed collaborators, it requires a space that must surprise and dazzle.


Celebrate the end of the year with your team: you have to mark the occasion!

Celebrating the end or the beginning of the year is not new. This cut-off period has its roots in the Saturnalia, a popular Roman festival celebrating the winter solstice and Sol Invictus (the unconquerable sun). This was a time of singing, music, feasting and gift-giving. Even slaves were not obliged to work and were at the same table as their masters. Quite a symbol! 

Take advantage of the holiday season to reconnect with your team

Because the pandemic has transformed our relationship with work and the way we work, and because telecommuting has become widespread, opportunities to bring employees together have become scarce. It is therefore necessary to recreate moments of cohesion that generate conviviality and promote internal relations within the company. The period is full of opportunities to organize a federative internal event.

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Christmas, greetings: opportunities to convey an authentic message and your values

For a company, celebrating the end of the year is not necessarily a tradition, but remains an expected moment, symbol of a federated community. Whether the year we've gone through is complicated or full of success, spending time together is a must. And the positive messages conveyed by the holidays at the end and beginning of the year are a unique opportunity for authentic internal communication.

The ritual of the end of the year celebrations requires an exceptional place, and Loc'Hall offers you a selection of them

" Let's raise a glass to the challenges we have met and will, tomorrow, be facing! ".

If the moment is always well chosen - almost every date of this period drains its batch of stories, legends, rather positive symbols - it remains to choose the good place where to gather! First of all, if the moment is rather predictable, even if it constitutes a ritual for the company, the place can only be exceptional! 

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Heritage spaces originally dedicated to celebrations and exceptional moments

And when it comes to exception, the venues heritage and cultural sites are the ones to choose from! Not because of their cost - event and seminar organizers have the wrong idea about the prices charged and censor themselves - but because of their original scenography. In the more or less ancient times, in any residence, one planned spaces dedicated to the party. The relationship between art and events has been anchored in our culture for hundreds of years. We might as well take advantage of it today, a few decades or even hundreds of years later, especially since most of them are equipped with the most modern technologies. 

If you are looking for ideas for a location that is in line with your messages and an organization that is closer to your issues, Loc'Hall is there to help you! 

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Note this place!

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