Loc'Hall Business Club

"Don't look for a location for your corporate event. Live it!"

"Does this venue reflect the vision I have for my event? "

"Does it align with the experience I want to give my guests?"

"Does the space meet my logistical needs in every way?"

Of all the things you need to consider when planning your corporate event, the venue is of the utmost importance.

Simply put, organizing a corporate event without proper knowledge of the chosen venue is leaving your project's success in the hands of fate.

When looking for a corporate dinner, seminar, or conference venue, no detail should be left to chance.  

Discover Loc'Hall Business Club

The only digital platform that offers you exclusive experiences to discover our partner venues.

With Loc'Hall Business Club, organizing B2B events becomes an experience in itself. 


Receive exclusive invitations to go behind the scenes at our exceptional venues.


Take advantage of venues for your events with our private collection of venues


Be the first to visit the new venues that everyone is going to want

What is Loc'Hall Business Club?

At Loc'Hall, we know that the event location you choose results, above all, from an encounter. For magic to take place, you need to know about the venue's surroundings, history—and perhaps most importantly—to experience it yourself.  

1. A Privileged Invitation to Exceptional Venues

Loc'Hall Business Club allows you to immerse yourself in our premium partner venues. Take advantage of a members-only invitation to soak up the atmosphere, go behind the scenes and start imagining your future event.  

And because love blossoms from shared emotions, Loc'Hall Business Club also allows you to extend your journey and enjoy the entertaining activities these venues have to offer: culinary workshops, private shows, access to rooms that are usually closed to the public, and more.

Thanks to Loc'Hall Business Club, organizing your B2B events is an exceptional adventure.

2. A private collection of venues confidential

Loc'Hall opens its address book of venues to Business Club members.

venues rare, preserved, venues which jealously guard their secrets and distill them only in small doses, voluntarily put forward and known only to the initiated, they make up this particular collection which is revealed to you thanks to the Business Club.

Loc'Hall gives you the keys to create a unique event, from every point of view.

3. Be the first to visit the new venues that everyone is going to want.

In recent years, all sorts of unexpected cultural proposals and vast heritage restoration projects have multiplied. Most of them are redesigned with a real event dimension. 

Loc'Hall Business Club invites you to take inventory before the opening by visiting these new venues of heritage and culture, renovated museums and institutions, rehabilitated historical venues , reallocated venues heritage or new cultural projects. 

Thanks to Loc'Hall Business Club, you will be the first to plan your events there! 

Business Club Membership Fee

Business Club membership is complimentary for the first 100 members.


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