Spotlight on Marseille, the other world city for your business meetings

When you think of Marseille, what do you see? Calanques? An azure sky? Marcel Pagnol's whole world around a game of pétanque? If the answer is yes, then it's time to brush up on your classics and explore a business city business city.

Yes, in 2024, folklore will be a thing of the past! This summer, the city of Marseille will welcome no fewer than 330 athletes for an Olympic Games that promises to engage all the vital forces of its inhabitants. The Euro-Mediterranean capital will be decked out in the colors of Olympism and the competitive spirit that characterizes the supporters of its legendary soccer club. Let yourself be won over by the sporting fervor of La Canebière: bet on Marseille for your business events!


Massalia, Massilia, Marseille: a time of renewal at the heart of the Mediterranean world

Massalia the Greek, Massilia the Roman and finally Marseille, the Gallic. Open to the Mediterranean, bordered by the Calanques massif and the Etoile and Garlaban mountain ranges, Marseille is France's 1st port, enjoys an exceptional geographical location in a protected natural environment.

Marseille's challenges for the Euroméditerranée of the future

The heart of the prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region has always beaten to the rhythm of its economic and cultural exchanges with the other peoples of the Mediterranean basin.

The industrious seaport founded by Phocaeans from Asia, 600 BC, went through a period of decline after the Second World War. But since the mid-90s, the mistral has been pushing back the clouds and a great wind of creativity has swept across its immaculate skies. Marseille attracts bohemian, eco-conscious young people as well as business people: a winning combination in its own image! With Euromed 1 and 2 and the Mucem, two two gigantic projects, the city with its immemorial heritage is betting on an assertive modernity. A gamble that has been rewarded by the continuing growth of its appeal to both business tourism and culture-lovers on holiday.

Euromed: a pharaonic project for your business meetings

In this pioneering eco-construction district, office dwellers mingle with residents of ultra-modern housing, and it's no surprise to come across the familiar faces of one industry boss or another. It's also the place to be for local and international events: afterworks, cocktail parties and seminars the ideal infrastructure for all types of professional events.

Mucem: a cultural temple for the 21st century

Another major project, the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean is a vibrant declaration of love for the cultures of the peoples of the "Middle Sea". The unveiling of plans for the complex initially raised doubts and criticism. However, since its opening in 2013, even the most reluctant of critics have given in, and are now acclaiming an exceptional heritage and cultural venue. Exhibitions, concerts and live art shows attract locals, tourists and foreign business visitors alike. As for the museum's restaurant, Le Môle Passedat, with three-starred chef Gérald Passedat at the helm, it's sure to delight the taste buds of your business partners as they celebrate the signing of a major contract.

Your business event in Marseille: under the sun, that's right

A successful business meeting is a subtle blend of business and pleasure. In and around Marseille, a dream climate and two exceptional venues Loc' Hall venues are the perfect setting for your most memorable events.

chateau Forbin event Marseille

At Château de Forbin: a Team Building experience to the sound of the cicadas

Do your employees work hard all year round to fly the flag for your brand? Amaze those who give their all with a Team Building holiday that's a taste of paradise. In the heart of the Parc National des Calanques, with its lush vegetation of palm trees and umbrella pines, the Chateau de Forbin welcomes your teams in refined, attentive comfort. After studious brainstorming sessions, everyone will gather around the sublime swimming pool and its fully-equipped pool house, complete with outdoor kitchen, xxl bar and barbecue. Recharge your batteries and rekindle your creativity.


La Citadelle de Marseille: the awakening of a sleeping beauty

Dazzling and majestic, the Marseille Citadel dominates the port of Marseille and the sparkling Mediterranean. Classed as a historical monument, this 17th-century splendor lay hidden, as if dormant. Now, under the impetus of city lovers, the sleeping beauty is gradually opening its rooms, terraces and gardens to the general public. The estate was once a fort, a prison and then a military garrison. Its 500-person capacity lends itself perfectly to privatization for large-scale professional events, and enables these actors of solidarity to receive the support of companies that share their vision. That's what Marseille is all about: associative passion and economic activity combined to create a superb project rooted in the social issues of our time.

citadelle marseille event pro

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There's magic in Marseille, the breath of the past and the wind of the future. And at Loc'Hall, experts in the organization of high-end events, it's this warm southern wind that drives us. Our team will be with you every step of the way, helping you to find the most suitable venues and cultural sites that can be privatized the rarest and prestigious sites the most confidential. For the launch your year's of the year or to bring gather your Comexoffer your business partners another world city. Your business events in Marseille: head south!

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