Event management, an important source of income for heritage sites

promote the heritage of jallanges through events
An article published in Le Monde evokes the necessary rehabilitation of currently abandoned heritage sites. From their perspective, heritage sites are a source of transformation: ecological, social, economic and aesthetic. Hosting events can and should be part of heritage renewal projects.

A forum dedicated to the necessary rehabilitation of heritage

Jean Guiony, Deputy Director of the national program Action cœur de ville, and Ulysse Jardat, heritage curator, recently published a very interesting article in Le Monde, calling for an inventory of the venues heritage sites that are currently "vacant", i.e., not in use and therefore abandoned. The two heritage professionals advocate, in short, their necessary rehabilitation, thanks to financial devices to be imagined, and a rethinking of their uses

Heritage is a source of transformation: ecological (land, energy), social (integration, reappropriation of local identity), economic (revitalization lever for the surrounding area, frequentation and image) and aesthetic.

The importance of events in the economy of venues

Among the uses, which the authors of the forum do not mention, there is obviously thehosting of professional events. How many venues heritage and cultural organizations today benefit from financial resources, sometimes significant and always essential, linked to the rental of spaces? You only need to consult the Loc'Hall Collection to understand the importance of events in the economy and therefore in keeping these exceptional venues in business. A company often wants to offer its guests, partners or clients an experience that is out of the ordinary. It is therefore constantly looking for sites that bear witness to a history, sites that carry meaning and convey values that it wants to appropriate. For these abandoned venues , events represent a potential source of revenue and can therefore be integrated into future rehabilitation business plans.
chateau de bois préau rehabilitation of events
Château Bois Préau, ready to welcome exhibitions and B2B events after 30 years of closure.

Companies that have an interest in favouring these venues for their events

For companies organizing seminars and events, privileging these venues is first and foremost an excellent way to beassociated with the development of local projects, often in proximity with their socio-economic environment. The action is also eminently ecological! Favoring this type of venue for a company is part of what we could call " event sustainability ". We compensate for the ephemeral nature of the event by supporting the preservation of an asset that is often centuries old or simply remarkable. There is a real social utility to events in these venues heritage sites

At Loc'Hall, we are obviously campaigning for the promotion of heritage, both by promoting these venues exceptional buildings, but also by bringing them closer to event clients. We are ready to accompany any project owner in the rehabilitation of a heritage site in the event validation of its future offer.

"After meeting the Loc'Hall team, we were won over by the quality of their website and the high value-added offer they specifically provide for heritage and cultural venues."

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