Meeting the geniuses of the Domaine national de Chambord

Organizing events at Chambord is also an opportunity to meet the historical and contemporary talents who have shaped and preserved its exceptional architectural and natural heritage. Creation and innovation, essential values of the business world, are at the heart of the site. 

The Château of Chambord, classified as a world heritage site since 1981, is obviously and naturally inspiring. The one million people who visit each year can testify to this.

Companies have also identified Chambord as an original site that can host their most varied events: study days, gala evenings, seminars...

"Everything is possible at Chambord. We are open to all event projects. The estate is open to them during the day, with the constraints of a venue open to the general public, and can be privatized in the evening.

Ten spaces, which can accommodate small or large groups(up to 600 people indoors and 5,000 outdoors), are available for creative events. 

Symbol of creation and innovation

To come to Chambord is to be confronted with an emblematic place, a symbol of power, creation and innovation, three strong drivers of corporate strategies, and their associated mysteries.

The château is an architectural feat, marking the transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. At a time when the challenges of social, digital, and ecological transition are imposing themselves on organizations, the message to the economic world of the entire estate, whose first stone was laid more than 500 years ago, remains relevant. The successive geniuses of Chambord forge an eminently contemporary narrative in a changing world.

The uncertainty of the moment does not prevent us from enhancing and perpetuating. Chambord has always been a witness to this.

chambord B2B event

The geniuses of the Chambord National Estate

Among the geniuses of the domain, there was first François Ierwho was both a visionary and a leader, who wanted to engrave his power in stone.

Then came the architect, whose identity remains a mystery, even if many historians see in Chambord the creative gesture of Leonardo da Vinci. The unprecedented Greek cross plan, the magical double-revolution staircase, the sculpted vault, the ornaments evoking castles, the terraces of the keep... are all innovative and magical architectural treasures.

Successively, Gaston d'Orléans, Louis XIV, Stanislas Leszczynski, Maurice de Saxe, Henri Duc de Bordeaux and many others developed or rehabilitated the domain and allowed it to be what it is today, before our dazzled eyes. 

Contemporary talents have always been expressed here

From time immemorial, patrons have helped enrich the domain with new installations and animations. Great talents have recently been able to practice their art and embellish the site.

The famous interior designer Jacques Garcia, thanks to the know-how of craftsmen, has refurbished in 2019, for the 500e anniversary of the château, three vast spaces.

Julian Tonnelier, florist in Paris, Meilleur ouvrier de France, and his team distill his floral creations for the Christmas 2022 events.

Gary Taffin, also a plant designer and Meilleur ouvrier de France, accompanied by his students from the National School of Florists in Paris, also participated in the decorations.

Let's also mention Baptiste Saulnier, head market gardener of the Chambord vegetable garden, and his collaborators, whose technique has made it possible to revive an organic agricultural activity at the estate, since 2019, which supplies, among others and in a more than short circuit, all the catering points of the site and the caterers operating at château.

Chambord, the magical setting for a Celine collection

All these talents tell the story of an eminently modern and ambitious Chambord.

Hedi Slimane, artistic director of Celine, understood this and chose château as the majestic setting for the presentation of "Teen Knight Poem" his men's fall-winter 2021-2022 collection. This initiative resulted in a brilliant 13-minute filmThe result is a brilliant 13-minute film, shot on location in February 2021, that is a true ode to creation. It also celebrates the immortal youth of fashion like the stones of Chambord.

" It was a privilege and a logistical challenge to host the Celine Housesays Laure Portier. The closing of the domain for Covid allowed them to enjoy the exclusive use of château during the day. ".

There are many film shoots in Chambord: The Princess of Cleves (Jean Delannoy, 1961), Donkey Skin (Jacques Demy, 1970) or more recently Valiant Hearts (Mona Achache, 2022) and the mini-series Diane de Poitiers with Isabelle Adjani (Josée Dayan, 2022).

CSR, at the heart of the development project

" The architectural but also natural prestige of the National Estate of Chambord is enough to attract the public and in particular the directors and organizers. There is no need to add any superfluous discourse "says Laure Portier.

It is true that the natural domain of Chambord, classified Natura 2000, whose surface is equivalent to that of Paris intra-muros, can be the framework of multiple guided incentive activities.

The issue of development, which is becoming a primary criterion in the choice of event destinations, is considered essential by the management of château :

  • development of permaculture vegetable gardens, symbol of the reinvention of a new territorial agricultural model,
  • reforestation plan,
  • project to install a geothermal heating system,
  • future restoration of the ecological continuity of the rivers...

Organizing an event at Chambord also means supporting these virtuous programs

A strong event culture

Chambord is nevertheless a site with a strong event culture, which guarantees a professional welcome for all events, even the most ambitious.

In 1952, the estate organized the first sound and light show and has since initiated several innovative multimedia shows.

In 2022, the site launched Chambord Live, a concert event, in line with its centuries-old tradition of eclectic musical programming.
After Sting in 2022, it is Imagine Dragons' turn to close its European tour on September 8, 2023 at Château de Chambord, one of its only two dates in France .

The Domaine national de Chambord is constantly reinventing its model, with the event as one of its major pillars, and, in the long term, should achieve self-financing of its activities.

Chambord is first and foremost a series of realized utopias: architectural and natural at all times, and ecological, today and tomorrow.

Creating an event on the site of the National Estate of Chambord means associating with essential values and participating in the preservation of a heritage that still has so many riches and stories to tell. 

Put the genius of Chambord to work for your business

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