Musée de la gendarmerie nationale

1-3 Rue Emile Leclerc, 77000 Melun, France
   Capacity: 150

Book the National Gendarmerie Museum, a grandiose and surprising place

Opened since October 10, 2015 and inaugurated by the Minister of the Interior on December 17, 2015, the National Gendarmerie Museum has taken its place, in Melun,in an old barracks building that has been completely renovated. Modern architecture and French history blend together to unveil a rich and original collection, a reflection of one of the oldest French institutions.

It is a unique museum which is highlighted by a huge flaming grenade forming its entrance. Inside, the largest suspended display case in Europe is the backbone of the exhibition.

No doubt that your events will not go unnoticed in this exceptional setting. Choosing the National Gendarmerie Museum for your event is to offer a unique place with values of accessibility and modernity.

The Spaces available to hire of the Gendarmerie Museum

At the National Gendarmerie Museum, the spaces made available can be adapted to your needs and your event, thanks to a significant modularity of the offer. Several spaces are available, which can be booked independently of each other, combined with each other or booked in their entirety with the possibility of total privatization.

  • Lélu Conference Room

Located on the second floor, opposite the exhibition space, the Lélu conference room is equipped with modern equipment: retractable projection screen and video projector, DVD player, integrated connections for two laptops, sound system and microphones. The space includes a flexible conference room (conference, meeting, cocktail, activity, etc.), a reception area with armchairs and sofas, and dedicated washrooms. It can be rented on its own or in addition to other spaces in the museum.

  • Lobby

Once under the impressive flaming grenade, your guests will discover a spacious area from which they will see the jewel of the museum's architecture hanging over their heads: the huge window that pierces the entire building. This space serves the store, the temporary exhibition space, the cultural activities room and has a bathroom on the same level. An ideal place to set up a cocktail party or organize a speech. It can be rented alone or in addition to other spaces in the museum.

  • The square

Fully equipped with electrical connections and lighting integrated into the ground, the square can accommodate any type of outdoor event or even ephemeral structures (tent, orangery, tents, stands, etc.). With an unusual access via the drawbridge, your event will be a memorable one.

  • Temporary exhibition room

Accessible on the first floor, this 200m2 room offers a rectangular space with many possibilities of arrangement. Equipped with numerous electrical connections, it adapts perfectly to different configurations. It is an ideal place to organize daytime exhibitions, conferences, animations and cocktail parties. Independent of the permanent exhibition, your event can take place away from the museum's public. It can be rented on its own or in addition to other spaces in the museum.

Discover the Gendarmerie Museum in 360° tour

Venue capacity

Spaces available to hire
U-shaped room
Lélu Room 100 m2
Reception hall 140 m2
Exterior forecourt 600 m2- depending on configuration
Temporary exhibition room 200m2

Information and prices


Total privatization of the museum / reception hall: Tuesday or evening after 6 pm

Square: every day (subject to free access for museum visitors)

Temporary exhibition room: outside the temporary exhibition period

Spaces available to hire Rates before tax
Lélu Room meeting format Half day* 480€ / Day 800€/ Evening** 800€.
Lélu Room reception format Half day 600€ / Day 1000€/ Evening 1000€.
Lobby Half day 660€ / Day 1100€/ Evening 1100€.
Exterior square Half day 1260€ / Day 2100€/ Evening 2100€.
Temporary exhibition room Half day 1260€ / Day 2100€/ Evening 2100€.
Privatization of the museum Half day 7380€ / Day 12300€/ Evening 12300€

*Consecutive 4-hour period between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. **Consecutive 4-hour period between 6 p.m. and midnight

The rates for each space do not include the cost of providing personnel (surveillance, reception, store, etc.) or additional services (guided tours, conferences, etc.).


Equipment Quantity
Chair 60
Table 18
White screen 1
Video projector 1
Paperboard 1
Micro 2
Desk 2
Wifi yes
Scene -
Kitchen -

Any additional quantities are to be discussed directly with the communication department. The client may provide any other material but must discuss this with the museum beforehand. The dishes can be provided by the caterer.

Private tours

In addition, the National Gendarmerie Museum offers private tours of its spaces (permanent collections and temporary exhibitions). These visits offer the possibility to discover the history of the gendarmerie and through it, the history of France. The guides-lecturers adapt to your requirements and establish a real exchange with your guests. The visits are proposed in French only.

Guided tour price 1h30 (30 pax max): Half day 120€/ day 120€/ evening 120€+ entrance tickets

Guided tour price 2h (30 pax max): Half day 150€/ day 150€/ evening 150€+ entrance tickets

When you make at least one area of the museum available, your guests have the possibility of visiting the permanent exhibition free of charge during the museum's opening hours (outside these hours, admission tickets will be charged to you).


Access to the National Gendarmerie Museum

By car:
- Via the A6 freeway: exit N104 direction A5/Troyes/Marne-la-Vallée/Sénart-Melun
- Via the Francilienne (N104): direction A5a/Troyes/Melun/Lieusaint/Moissy-Cramayel/Savigny-le-Temple
- Via the A5 freeway: direction A5b/N105 Melun/Montereau-Fault-Yonne
Possible access via the A1/A4/A10 freeways, via the Francilienne (N104)
Parking 26 places/ 3 places for disabled people

By train:
- RER D : Paris gare de Lyon-Melun
- Transilien line R: Paris gare de Lyon-Montargis, stop : Melun

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