Maison Noilly Prat

1 Rue Noilly, Marseillan, France
   Capacity: 200

Book the Noilly Prat House: a delicious Occitan immersion

Considered one of the best French vermouths, Noilly Prat is created in the south of France. Located in the beautiful port of Marseillan, surrounded by vineyards and oyster tables, our house is like no other. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, guests can visit the House of Noilly Prat with exclusive tours, interactive workshops and even create their own events. Discover more than 200 years of heritage at the Maison Noilly Prat in Marseillan. Open year-round, the House is open to the world for an authentic immersion into the iconic vermouth brand.

Spaces at the Maison Noilly Prat

  • The Library

For your work meetings, association meetings, management seminars, this authentic room of 102m², with its natural light, will allow you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of work and reflection.

Access to the offices possible for a professional caterer.

  • The Court of Honor

This lovely 510 square meter courtyard is the only outdoor space in the house. With its ancestral eucalyptus and orange trees, this sunny space will offer you a timeless experience.

Ideally located in the heart of the site, you can take advantage of it for the organization of your event (ceremony, wine of honor, dinner, brunch...) up to 200 people.

  • The Bar " La Grappe

The bar La Grappe has been recently renovated to highlight our vermouthiers. Decorated with barrel hoops, this structure symbolizing a bunch of grapes is flexible to accommodate different configurations of events (conferences, trade shows, cocktails, dinners).

The bar adorned with staves at its end will make it a remarkable asset, signature of your event

  • The " Sainte Anne " cellar

This cellar of more than 1200m² is the iconic place of the House. With its two hundred year old tuns, it offers an authentic and unique setting for your event (dinner, dance, cocktail party).

You will offer your guests a total immersion in the emblematic cellars of the house.

  • The Bar " le Basalte

The Bar Basalte, created recently, is the den of mixology. Specially designed around the cocktail, it offers a rupturist proposal for your event. Made with lava stones from the Agde volcano, it offers an intimate atmosphere.

Configurations and capacities of the Noilly Prat House

Spaces available to hire
U-shaped room
Cellar "Saint Anne" 480 m2
Bar "Le Basalte" 72 m2
Library" room 102 m2 100 
Bar "La Grappe" 180 m2 100  75  50  20  30 
Cour d'Honneur 510 m2 200  200  200  100  200 

Space plan

Information and prices of the Noilly Prat House

Availability: Monday to Sunday, during the day and in the evening (from 8am to 2am). Flexible hours

Spaces available to hire Rates before tax
Chai "Saint Anne Half day 1750 €/ Evening 1312,50 €/ Day 3500 €/ Week end 7000 €.
Bar "Le Basalte Half day 500 €/ Evening 375 €/ Day 1000 €/ Week end 2000 €.
Library" room Half day 490 €/ Evening 367,50 €/ Day 980 €/ Week end 1960 €.
Bar "La Grappe Half day 1250 €/ Evening 937,50 €/ Day 2500 €/ Week end 5000 €.
Court of Honor Half day 750 €/ Evening 562,50 €/ Day 1500 €/ Week end 3000 €.
Privatization of the site Half day 4500 €/ Evening 4500 €/ Day 4500 €/ Week end 9000 €.



Equipment Quantity
Chair 50
Table 20
White screen 1
Video projector 1
Paperboard 1
Micro 1
Desk -
Wifi 2
Scene -
Kitchen 1
Tableware 200 glasses/ 100 cups/ 30 plates/ 30 place settings

Click and Share system for projection, a television for projecting, markers for flip chart, paper and pencils, additional materials at a cost.

Private visits of the Noilly Prat House

The House of Noilly Prat offers you exclusive access to its heritage and the know-how of its Cellar Master, on the port of Marseillan. Discover the House of Noilly Prat thanks to our guided tours, appreciate the beauty of venues , learn how to taste our different Expressions, learn the art of cocktails, create your own vermouth, enjoy exclusive experiences; these are all experiences to which the House of Noilly Prat invites you, under the sign of sharing and experience: sharing the history of a great House, experience and awakening the senses around our vermouth.

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