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1 Place du Général Catroux, Paris, France
   Capacity: 160

Book the Cité de l'économie, a neo-Renaissance Château in the heart of Paris

The Cité de l'Économie is housed in a neo-Renaissance architectural jewel built in 1882 in the 17th arrondissement of Paris: the Hôtel Gaillard. This exceptional setting, entirely classified as a historical monument, is the fruit of a rich history marked by three major periods: Private Mansion of the banker Émile Gaillard, it then became the most beautiful branch of the Banque de France before being entirely renovated to become the Cité de l'Économie.

A new kind of cultural place

The Cité de l'Économie is the first museum in Europe devoted to economic mechanisms. It introduces visitors to economic concepts and issues in an interactive and entertaining way, through a 2400m2 scenographic space. This place of life and exchange also offers thematic meetings, shows and temporary exhibitions to approach the economy differently and make it accessible to all.

The Spaces available to hire of Citéco:

-Les Toits Malesherbes: located at the top of the monument, the Toits Malesherbes are composed of an interior and an exterior: a modern hall divided into two areas (240m2 + 95m2), spreading out around a 200m2 terracewith an extraordinary view.

-The Safe Deposit Box: Thousands of safe deposit boxes line the walls of this room, which once housed the most valuable possessions of the bank branch's customers. Today, it has become one of the museum's must-see rooms, thanks to its fascinating numismatic collections. Protected by a moat and a modern drawbridge, this prestigious room is full of surprises.

-Espace Tourelle: this former courtyard has been transformed into a warm interior space thanks to a contemporary glass roof. Adorned with a sublime historical turret, this room has a vast zenithal light.

-The Monceau Auditorium: with 95 seats (+ 3 places for wheelchair users), this modern auditorium is equipped with a video protection and sound system.

-Meeting rooms (the Chopin Room, Eugene Room, Perspectives Room) can be rented in association with the other spaces.

Configurations and capacities of the Cité de l'Economie

Spaces available to hire
U-shaped room
Malesherbes roofs  160 
Safe Deposit Box
Turret space
Monceau Auditorium
Salon Chopin
Perspectives Fair
Salon Eugène

Information and prices

The spaces are privatized outside the opening hours of the museum:

- Mondays during the day and in the evening
- Tuesday to Friday evenings

Spaces available to hire Rates before tax
Malesherbes roofs 10 000 € (excluding operating costs)
Safe Deposit Box 7 000 € (excluding operating costs)
Turret space 4 000 € (excluding operating costs)
Monceau Auditorium 2 500 € (excluding operating costs)


Spaces available to hire Equipment
Auditorium Wooden floor stage with dimensions : L= 6,20 m ; D= 3,20 m ; H= 0,90 m
Projection screen, electrically motorized, with dimensions : L= 4,00 m ; H= 2,30 m
1 control room (equipped) and two translators' rooms (not equipped).
Stage furniture: 5 armchairs, 2 low tables, 1 desk
3 HF microphones
Salon Chopin Paperboard
TV screen on stand
Chairs and tables provided
Eugene and Perspectives Salon Paperboard
Chairs and tables provided

Private tours of the Cité de l'Economie

During your private event, discover the museum! In small groups, tour guides will open the doors of the Cité de l'Économie to you under privileged conditions. A moment out of time, reserved for your guests! A range of themes is available for you to explore, either on your own with commentary or on a guided tour

For those who are curious about the economy, Citéco offers tours on the foundations of trade, its organization and its actors. Take control of the economy!

For lovers of cultural heritage, Citéco offers tours on the history of the place and its architecture

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