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Aérodrome Plt Ardenay, 91590 Cerny, France
   Capacity: 300

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The passion for technique, the taste for adventure, the will to pass on their knowledge and to continue to learn have led three generations of Salis to dedicate themselves to vintage aviation on a small airfield in the South of Essonne to make it a unique place where we combine requirement, audacity, leisure - pleasure, culture and emotions...

A family epic

When Blériot crossed the Channel in 1909, he determined Jean-Baptiste Salis' vocation for aviation. A rich aeronautical career followed: pilot and instructor during the First World War, demonstration pilot, pilot for the first minister of the air, aircraft designer and restorer...

At the age of 59, he fulfilled his childhood dream of crossing the English Channel in a Blériot he had restored. Twenty years later, his son Jean did the same and in 2009, it was the turn of Edmond, one of the grandsons, to relive the same emotion, at the age of 40, with the family Blériot XI, on the occasion of the centenary of this historic event.

From the Blériot of the early days of aviation, Jean Salis has, over time, expanded the collection of aircraft that have marked the career of his father Jean-Baptiste: the First World War, aviation sports, the beginnings of air travel, the Second World War.

When your event takes off

At the same time, the collection has been enriched by the contribution of associations and private collectors who have joined it: Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis, Memorial Flight, Forteresse Toujours Volante and the Casques de Cuir. Nearly 70 vintage aircraft are now based on the site and are regularly presented in flight, in particular for the annual Pentecost festival.

The Salis Flying Museum offers you to discover this real living fresco of aviation with about forty of these aircraft telling you the adventure of men and machines. A special mention for the unique Morane Saulnier collection and the B-17 Flying Fortress.

A professional event on site combines an unusual setting with a panoramic view of the Essonne Valley. In addition to fully modular exhibition spaces, the Musée Volant Salis offers you the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary experiences: a first flight in a vintage airplane, an introduction to flying, or the thrill of an aerobatic sortie.

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Venue capacity

Spaces available to hire
U-shaped room
Memorial 1939-1945 - 2025m2
Glass gallery - 165m2
The other exhibition halls - 4000m2
Outdoor Esplanade

Our exhibition spaces are flexible and can be freed up to accommodate a large number of participants at a time.

The glassed-in gallery is equipped for meetings: screen, video projector, speaker, microphones, furniture and sanitary facilities.


Equipment Quantity
Table 14
Desk 1
Micro 2
Chair 150
Video projector 1
White screen 1

Privileged visit

Guided tour possible.
First flights on vintage aircrafts (from 1928 to 1955): ride, aerobatics, initiation to flight...
Aerial demonstrations with the museum's planes.

Activities around the air on request: flight simulators, drone, ...

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Salis Flying Museum
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