Nature in majesty for your business event at château de la Loire

Organize a B2B event in one of the Loire Valley's legendary châteaux? Not a chance! Too expensive, too chic, too complicated, too far from everything... just too much! Yet it would be a shame to overlook these venues of heritage and culture that have witnessed the birth of many a love affair, the signing of many an alliance and the history of two countries that are inseparable hereditary enemies. Cradled by the Loire River treasures of the Renaissance offer you the gentleness of their sumptuous landscapes and ideal for all your business activities.

A château de la Loire for your B2B event? Nature's grandeur and wonder guaranteed!


The Loire Valley, the heart of France: castles like no other

3000 ! That's the best estimate of the number of châteaux in the Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de Loire regions. 

A concentration of castles unique in the world

A staggering number, commensurate with the wonder that grips our hearts at the unspeakable charm of these emblematic Renaissance buildings. 

These graceful châteaux of tufa stone replaced the demilitarized fortresses of the first and second Hundred Years' Wars. But we owe them to a new conflict: during the war against Italy, François 1st and the French nobility discovered the Italian Renaissance and the finesse of its architectural works. Under the impetus of the young king, the Loire Valley was covered with castles and gardens that history now offers to the whole world.

A brief history of great châteaux: the Loire Valley, land of royal love

"Mignonne, allons voir si la rose, Qui ce matin avoit desclose..." To Cassandra, Pierre de Ronsard

The Loire Valley is dominated by the tutelary shadow of the immense Fontevraud Abbeywhere lies one of the most illustrious figures of the Middle Ages: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France and England, two countries inextricably linked by a common and tumultuous history. Since 1204, she has slept there alongside another legend, her son Richard the Lionheart.

But above all, the royal palaces of the Loire Valley have been home to the stories and historiettes of the courts of Europe. From the secret union, at château de Langeais, of Charles VIII with the very young Anne de Bretagne, to the impossible romance between Pierre de Ronsard and Cassandre Salviati, to the nuptials of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson at the delightful Domaine de Candéthe walls of the châteaux of the Loire conceal many aristocratic passions, more or less legitimate.

Back doors, winding alleys and fragrant groves lent themselves as much to sighs as to intrigue and intense political dealings between the powerful. One visit and you're reminded of idyllic resorts, where time passed to the rhythm of the calm waters of the nearby Loire. Yet for their noble owners, the châteaux of the Loire were venues of power, pleasures and desires, and an affirmation of their lineages by divine right.  

Today, sumptuous mansions have become more and more commonplace, providing superb playgrounds for prestigious business receptions and offbeat business meetings. True havens of peace, they can be used for rock-chic music video shoots rock-chic music videos or advertising shoots in natural settings, as well as for countryside scenes like something out of an Impressionist painting.

A château de la Loire for your B2B event: venues beyond conventional wisdom

Heritage and cultural estates are wonderful venues for hosting all your professional event requirements. However, when the word "château " is mentioned, certain prejudices immediately get in the way. Let's take a look at the reasons behind these impediments to the privatization of superb sites all over the country.

A château is too chic for my team-building.

Don't be fooled: château are generous spaces designed from the outset for official or festive gatherings and meetings. Surrounded by parks and forests, they lend themselves admirably to the most playful activities. An opportunity to play up the offbeat side of things: for a promotional event that's off the beaten track, why not get the press and influencers involved in a slightly crazy evening, with a nocturnal game of pétanque and a fusion food-truck spirit? 

Some venues operators go the extra mile to offer your teams an unforgettable stay. For example, at Château d'Artignywe organize murder-parties, casino evenings, hot-air balloon rides, and even amazing 2CV rallies. Imagination reigns supreme, served up by an attentive team. And for more traditional moments of relaxation after a studious day in mastermind mode, we gather around the pool for a cocktail party: the return to office life promises to be difficult!

I don't need Versailles for my cocktail business!

Certainly. And it's true that Domaine de ChambordDomaine de Chambord, with its 5,000 hectares and as many on-site guests as possible, has nothing to envy the illustrious residence of the Sun King. A large-scale reception or a photoshoot of a haute couture collection will shine with incomparable brilliance. But for an exceptional gathering on a more modest scale, right in the heart of Nevers, the Ducal Palace and its breathtaking view of the Loire River.

With the highest concentration of châteaux in the world, the Centre-Val de Loire region region is sure to meet all your requirements!

A château de la Loire, bof, c'est pas moderne

And yet, what could be more modern and in tune with our contemporary concerns than a place for preserving culture and biodiversity? Visit Domaine de Chaumont-sur-LoireThe CSR-certified Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire is an artistic utopia where artists, photographers and gardeners meet in a setting where nature breathes and inspires!

Organize your prestigious B2B event or business trip on a site that is mindful of its duties as a bearer of history and guarantor of the future, and offer your guests and your company the greatest gift of all: the chance to join the movement for greater environmental responsibility and ethics, at a garden party in suspended time.  

A château de la Loire for your B2B event? It's the perfect opportunity for an exceptional journey through time. Dare to exclusive heritage and cultural domains for all your prestige meetings or informal team gatherings. Loc'Hall, expert in organizing events in rare venues to open the doors to enchanted realms. Enter the fairytale!

Ready to organize your next business event at château ?

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