4 good CSR reasons to organize your next BtoB event outside Paris

CSR btob event in fontevraud

How to organize a CSR business event outside Paris? Why is a BtoB event outside Paris CSR? All the answers in this article by Loc'Hall!

domaine de chambord csr events
Château from Chambord - 1h30 by TER or 2h15 by car

CSR benefits of an event outside Paris

CSR and professional events

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) evaluates the impact of business activities on the society and the environment. These three letters seem to have a magical effect on the good conscience. All you have to do is draw them out to appear virtuous. As for what they really imply...

In short, is CSR a gas factory or a pie in the sky? One thing is certain, CSR is no longer an option for event professionals.

Questions to ask yourself when organizing a CSR event

As you know, at Loc'Hall, we like concrete actions. And we are telling you solemnly: yes, we have a card to play to promote CSR through events. Let's opt for a thoughtful approach, full of meaning for the well-being of your teams and your efficiency at work.

This is not just talk.

How can CSR guide your event strategy?

  • in the choice of your location
  • in the logistic organization
  • in the panel ofactivities proposed

Choose a place outside Paris

Choosing a location with a CSR approach means favouring a preserved environmentenvironment, which is beneficial for motivation of your teams and employees. The venues outside Paris in the middle nature are particularly suitable. Then, for one-day events, you should preferably choose a place that is not too far from your starting point so as not to unnecessarily increase your carbon footprint. A place accessible by train is even better.

CSR logistics

Another point not to be neglected: what you put on your guests' plates: give preference to local local and seasonal products. And why not take the opportunity to discover regional specialties ? An additional criterion for a responsible event: think twice before offering goodies to participants. Are they really useful? How are they made? By whom?

Team building activities

Endally, the last parameter to be taken into consideration is the activities proposed for the cohesion of your teams, also called team building. The providers on site often have a lot of resources for tailor-made workshops, really adapted to your needs and respectful of theenvironmentt. The simplest is not necessarily the most boring... a walk in a fabulous setting is worth a helicopter flight, isn't it?

Loc'Hall's advantages for organizing your CSR event outside Paris

A major CSR event outside Paris

The Loc'Hall team is convinced that a professional event can be grandiose and respect the criteria of CSR CRITERIA. This is not bad faith. For us, the greatest luxuryis to find the essentialfar from the parasite thoughts and bad waves. The magnificent setting offered by the venues heritage and cultural sites is particularly adapted to this approach. Especially when these venues are located outside Parisin a privileged natural environment.

Loc'Hall guarantees for your CSR event outside Paris

  • of venues heritage and cultural anchored in the territory
  • a logistics that favors providers and local local products
  • of activities consistent with the DNA of venues and respectful of the environment

A CSR event is a set of choices and activities on the ground that can permanently transform the state of mind of your teams and the quality of your work. The icing on the cake: respecting the CSR commitment can bring a lot of comfort and good humor to your professional event.

So, here are 4 good reasons to organize your next BtoB event outside Paris in a CSR approach far from the beaten track, from gas plants and cream pies (although this last point can be discussed, don't worry!).

Château of Champs-sur-Marne - less than one hour from Paris

Reason 1: a one-day business event to get away from it all without blowing up your carbon footprint

A CSR event near Paris

Why take a plane when all you need to do is take a step aside to feel elsewhere? The surroundings of the capital offer you exceptional heritage and cultural venues within an hour's drive. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your colleagues better by carpooling. A responsible approach that combines business with pleasure.

There are also options within a few hours by TGV such as a business event in Bordeaux

A green event

Work seminars, sales team meetings, management committees, these professional events can take place not far from Paris can take place not far from Paris, in a green and pleasant setting at the end of winter.

Organize your BtoB event in a French garden at château de la Motte-Tilly (180 people max.) or at château de Jossigny (110 people max.), two 18th century pleasure houses, or at the château de Champs-sur-Marne (250 people max.) for a more grandiose atmosphere. Between the well-trimmed boxwood hedges and the perfectly maintained topiaries, the spirit blooms with new ideas.

A newfound conviviality

Private visit of the estate, digestive stroll, exchanges around the fountains and the water, dinner in the orangery, cocktail and prestigious reception... this setting is perfect to develop a conviviality simple and authentic in all elegance.

Château de Forbin - 4h from Paris by TGV

Reason 2: a residential BtoB event to recharge your batteries in the middle of nature

If you're going to make the trip, you might as well make the most of it. Breathe in, breathe out! The preserved nature is the real luxury that everyone can enjoy. Just breathe and open your eyes.

Organize a professional event far from the city, in the countryside countrysidethe countryside, by the sea or not far from the mountainis the perfect opportunity to to recharge your batteries as a team and start again on the right foot.

An event outside Paris to feel good and innovate

To say goodbye to the bad waves, make a clean sweep and celebrate the new rose in the footsteps of Ronsard at Saint-Cosme Priory in La Riche (199 people max. / 300 in the gardens). Ideal for your workshops or thematic seminars, this timeless place was already considered by the 12th century canons as "a paradise on earth". Enough to give in to temptation...

For a larger event, the château of Roquefoulet (1000 people max.) welcomes you in its reception areas in the heart of a classified park of 4 hectares. Thanks to its top-of-the-range services, this exceptional place is perfect to favour the well-being of your teams, an essential criterion for your CSR.

Large natural spaces to focus on the essential

It's well known that the mountains win us over! Loc'Hall offers you two experiences far from the beaten track, close to the peaks. The château in Ferney-Voltaire (100 people max.) is a unique setting for your business meetings with its breathtaking its breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc. This neo-classical building with its refined décor, imbued with the spirit of the Enlightenment, will leave no one indifferent. For even more ambitious BtoB events, the fortress of Mont-Dauphin (500 people max.) is a place of heritage located at an altitude of 1000m offering a breathtaking panorama of the Southern Alps. Thanks to its preserved natural and environmental setting, this original historical monument is particularly suitable for an event in immersion, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And why not treat yourself to a good vitamin D treatment to boost your motivation of your teams? A BtoB event under the beautiful southern sun, with your feet in the water, is the perfect opportunity to build a collective memory of a happy professional experience. Loc'Hall has selected for you the château de Forbin (350 people max.), property of more than 1000 m2 in the heart of a 7 hectare park. Located between Marseille and Cassis, in the heart of the National Park of the Calanques, this place of heritage makes you live an enchanting parenthesis in a unique unique environment in France.

Château from Champ-Renard - 4h20 by car from Paris

Reason 3: a professional event anchored in the territory that brings the local heritage to life

To combine CSR and events outside ParisIt is not enough to carpool or to sort your waste. The key to success is to encourage exchanges. Internally, within your teams or between your employees, of course, but also with local social and economic actors.

The CSR advantages of the heritage and cultural site outside Paris

However, choosing a heritage and cultural place to organize a professional event is already a way to get involved in the the development of the territory. And to go further, you might as well enjoy yourself by organizing activities related to the specialties of the regiongastronomic, wine, craft or cultural. This is a good thing, you will agree, because France is full of all kinds of treasures to awaken your curiosity and delight our taste buds.

An exceptional living heritage for your BtoB event

Loc'Hall offers you venues in all regions of France. Each one is associated with a living heritage that you will promote in a pleasant way through your professional event. Let's mention for example the Château of Champ-Renard of the XIIIth century (200 people max.), located in the village of Blacé, in the heart of the Beaujolais region, in a beautiful vineyard. The Château of Bussy-Rabutin of the XVIIth century (210 persons max.) welcomes you with elegance and authenticity in the famous Burgundy region, known for its priceless grands crus. Surrounded by moats and French gardens, this refined setting is perfect for prestigious receptions.

La Cité du Vin de Bordeaux - 2 hours by TGV from Paris

Team-building activities to restore a taste for work

The Bordeaux region is not left out with the Cité du vin (1500 people max.), ideal for large-scale events, conferences, product launches or annual gatherings. Located 50 minutes from the Atlantic coast, the Château of Cognac (300 people max.), more confidential, is perfect for team meetings and cohesion activities. This 10th century fortress, where François I was born, offers tastings of great cognacs, visits of its cellars and historical rooms usually closed to the general public. Ready for the blind test?

Less far from Paris, on the seaside in Normandy, the Benedictine Palace (200 people max.) of Gothic and Renaissance inspiration also offers a prestigious setting for the liqueur's distillery and its collection of sacred art. Here too, an exciting range of activities will put all your senses on alert: discovery workshops, cocktail or gastronomic workshops, enough to create a great team spirit!

Château of Chantilly - less than an hour from Paris

Reason 4: A responsible and eye-catching business event

A professional event outside of Paris to make your eyes water

Respecting a CSR approach does not mean being bored or deprived. It means making the the right choices. And if you want to organize a large-scale event large-scale with a large number of participants, you can do so by following an operating procedure that respects people and the environment. The Loc'Hall team offers you a particularly effective solution: the venues prestigious heritage and cultural events. WAOUH! effect guaranteed.

A luxurious AND responsible business event

For a royal event that will fill the eyes, see things in a big way: the Château of Chenonceau (250 people max.) or even more gigantic, the Château of Chambord (5000 people max.) offer you an absolutely fabulous setting to imagine a scenario that will remain engraved in the memories. Conferences, galas, film shoots, sports tournaments, prestigious meetings, cocktails and luxurious receptions, all these experiences will successfully combine the richness of heritage of these two castles of the Loire Valley and the luxurious luxurious services that will delight all your guests.

The Château of Chantilly (600 people max.) is also one of the jewels of our collection. Its 115-hectare estate is an absolutely unique setting for a professional event invested in the history of gardens The French garden designed by André Le Nôtre in the 17th century, the Anglo-Chinese garden in the late 18th century and the English garden in the 19th century. A fabulous green setting near Paris.

French heritage jewels for your BtoB event outside Paris

You want a more contemplative contemplative atmosphere for your event? But you also want to to make an impression ? We have just what you need: two exceptional venues classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel (300 people max.), a feat of monastic architecture, welcomes you for private visits, cocktail parties, dinners, press conferences, product launches or other corporate events. The experience that you will give to your teams will undoubtedly take on a special dimension in this exceptional environment. The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud (800 people max.), established on 13 hectares, is the largest monastic city inherited from the Middle Ages. In the heart of the Loire Valley, it combines heritage, culture, starred gastronomy, art of living and a sense of hospitality. Surrounded by nature and forest, this marvelous place, symbol of French excellence, is conducive to a professional experience "out of the world" that will promote the efficiency and well-being of your employees.

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey - 4 hours from Paris

Let's organize your next professional BtoB event

Make the right CSR choices for your event outside Paris

A CSR event is not a cheap event. Far from it. 


Loc'Hall offers you exclusive solutions to combine responsible approach, unique professional experience, well-being and efficiency. Our collection of venues provides a solid foundation for developing your CSR event strategy and the positive impact of this experience on your teams and the environment.

Loc'Hall services for your next professional event outside Paris

Loc'Hall offers 3 services to help you in this process:

1] You want to be autonomous? Choose your place on our website. Benefit from a fast and free connection.

2] You don't have time? You are looking for a confidential place? We can carry out a custom search for you. (On estimate)

3] You want to delegate everything? Loc'Hall organizes your event from A to Z. (On estimate)

"I was looking for a unique and exceptional venue, and Loc'Hall was able to meet my expectations by offering me spaces that I had not imagined! "

Mélanie M, event held in February 2023

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